Lindquist family

We were holi holi and holi was our name. The last of a dying people killed with eighteen billion other nothingness to the would be heroes of the future.

Our own family wanted us dead. They harassed us and tortured my kittens Svea and Mia because I was born “The Bhudda” of the Gnostic Synod. So much of the history is recorded by the greats among the human beings. Our family was born dead to them and we were human animals, mammals, sexual and spiritual with sentience. They declared us witches and by profession Tara and I were Christian Buddhist Witches, Registered Nurses. We did not survive the culling of the population.

Because the could not kill me as a little gurl (the law since girl is different) they with their mother were killed by Tara. She murdered my twin sons in the uterus and told the world. Like other lovers she paid the price of my law. You are not her people. I do not tolerate filth.

My mom and only friend was tortured too for having what was called Christ’s bloodline. Everyone on the planet with that bloodline was eradicated. They kept some of us alive to teach us a lesson about Religion. The Pope, John Paul II actually destroyed what was his family bloodline too. My mom’s name is Linda Faye Allman Ferrell Lindquist Chance Hansen Hollenbeck. They made up false histories and false family lines so women could run in my name. I refused and they play Peter because cowards refuse to be men. So it is they will never die.

Media is precious to some people and seeing that you wanted to destroy creation. I am here to guide you into a complete emptiness.

I really am the meaning of the she wolf. I banished their mother Tara to Venus the planet you call the moon and stayed on Rune in orbit of Venus. There is no way for you to spell the names of the planets. I changed them.

My grandma Mrs. Philip R. Lindquist reminded me of the value of in kind. I did nothing as you are not my family nor could you ever be part of the Bhudda. The Qhaa’Yee (pronounced gay) Bhudda is forbidden to you.

It’s all about nothing in the sacred meaning of controlling one’s own fate.

It rarely is what one wants. Apparently you need to be placed in a constant schema.

I never do one thing without intention in action. Profound wisdom for mundane times.

Street images of myself often changed by you to help you.

Of course I have no need to be the victim. I never was the victim. It really means nothing their fake pain.

Steven Philip Lindquist

They even killed felines and companions for to gain “special” nothing. you know who you are it only hurt the creatures on God.

A companion cut down by Religion.

Butterfly lives are eternal. So many Beautiful creatures have joined me on the journey and many died in the battle only to still be remembered by the survivors. .

I really have warned you that many times to continue the path to feelings on God. please.


See who the Queen of Uganda is and why Georgia, The Buddha, was called Lourde(e) Satan once and what her evil children were. Popes and heads of States. Ov. course they raped her using horses, dogs, monkeys because she did men’s work. Fuck you cunts. You too bitches. I ordered zoo specimens feed back to mother nature and your real children. Tampons made into special dietary pills for Jew bitches. Smile fags, prep. Or were they all your origins? Faggot bitches. Is the Buddha family precious or what? They walk inside you. What? Ancient Buddha that I summoned home to be again. ask. Linda and I, the rest, were DUNE. For real. My person beliefs and opinions about you tampons are none ov. your business. What I knew is what is the truth. You can fuck off.

You could have asked. I warned you that it hurts your feelings not to read or steal. It is mandatory that you are raped and tortured for breaking the Law. You are not the Bombastic Kinesset ov. the Gnostic Synod (italics means somethin like script bitches.) You filthy Jew Mormons named tampons as your real children and Gods. You filthy IVF things in your past life were not even allowed in the world. You show Mercy, Rape of the uterus. Die. . You are/were genetic retards cursed by women. I could order you all burned to death and not give a shit. .I told you how to have a sex change you filthy vagina Jesus freaks. I insisted you be raped like you wanted for Svea, Mia, Tara, and et al. You killed your own people as my patients. So fucking what. This is your warning again and again I warned you Jews of religion. You are not in a Jew world bitches and there is no women in the Synod, no military, and no Relic (religion.) Atheists are forbidden in the Libraries, you women. It is LAW.
Read the Human Rights act dumb Jews. You violated the only one it protects. Fire them all. You are not sexual and spiritual nor are you Mnicean creed bitches. Plagiarism is illegal and will cost you your degree and jobs. You can line up as I showed you with the people you used. I did it for nothing. I am adaptation of the organism. Sister Calista Roy stole it from me. You are fired. I said reference me and cite correctly “God hates Nag Champa and Tampons.”
PSA a warning taken by me. You should heed it.

I told you I am the Mother of Hell. The Gvvvmphtx (guff) of Heaven and wear the crown of Hem, Hell. On purpose. I will not tolerate hurt feelings by doing what makes them hurt on purpose looking at offensive things like words and images. That Angel Mercy was 18 billion people raped, made, tortured and died. You filth will know woman”s only purpose to destroy woman (tampons.) Also what a waste GENETIC IVF SCIENCE was never there in the past and you were afford Hell to fall and be raped and tortured for what women did to you. I ordered your science fiction terminated that long ago and aborted in annulled your baptism since the father (uterus, vaderlande) was not there. Cunt fuck bitch pig dog rat whore SLUT, PHUKEEN DEI.


Gifts for children to write a new story in Castillian language: GIAI aka JIAI. I ordered German and French written over again and English corrected from women’s work of destroying and cursing IT. SPIRIT. I had one other language made and it is for healers. The truth women and the things think it belongs to Lutheran people. I have never been Lutheran and they operate a false Synod that uses people. It has been proven true. There is no freedom when one person’s freedom is at stake. Grammar Nazi university and pay back for Magic.

Hebrew is vagina speak of Jesus. I warned you it is illegal. Jews cannot be Jesus. I ordered it myself and as all RELIC (religion) is/was damned as Jews you are illegal Atheists. Hebrew like cuneiform scripts are illegal for you. I would release the curse once those faggot prayer witches are put to the Trial of Lourde Satan. Fuck off for touching Magic here. I love you cunts for releasing them on you, pregnant hags of Hell. Those feet were the testicles, in the footsteps ov. greatness, Jesus that Vagina.
I print. I never sign my name in French Arabic, cursef. Not since I was ordered to by women. It is an insane on the membrane thing and signatorium of your spirit. I had permission. Dumb bitches. I already saw it dyke chipmunk Librarian thing.
Lessons in diplomatic immunity from you dykes. Fuck off now I am not tell you tampons again. Final warning.

Thanks for doing nothing for it. Everything I have done has been given with the intent to be of help and they lay claim in Religion to harm you and in teaching. I ordered them arrested and charged with fraud. It is my design that I do not care about and I have been working on the plans for the future. You are not in them. Often the choices you make in language and use of free media, language, your own and not to steal others is a gift that can be removed. I have no shame in speech nor in things that will never be.

en postoall times
en pregopresent
en premoretrospect
en pretopast
en prestofuture(s)
verb + time for the first clause and see what follows.

* So when adding words to the time think: en prego malo. You see how it creates a new time idea. You you could say or write in present time surreal. Making literary ideas come to life and just to note keep the idea flowing until you change paragraphs or thinking. So time seems fluid in idea. I made stealing illegal for Jews. I made breathing illegal for REM, Jews of Relic. I am not a Jew.

* After you build the verb lists or use what you can, the origin is meant as a blueprint. It is to be kept yet see what it is for? It matters not to me. You may want to use an “a” before the verbs. I suggest the ix-, ip, ig, (see below) it is what it is. The Mhoni comes later in the learned history the future shares with the present or the new dreamers. Fuck off women you are tampons to me for what you do to children.

* examples- en prego malo, en prego listo. They are not set in stone so you can add the mood or “x” to the tense and convey meaning in context. x is in this meaning all the adj. n. v. xxx that are lies of education. Remember that in the future(s)when women are in check with the law. Your theories and voices will be heard in a sharing library of knowledge as is the law. They will be destroyed by themselves. I made list of said behaviours in them that they project on others.

*-en premo as it relates to all times, or a birth reflection is important too and can mean an inclusive statement of retrospective or to point out the obvious law. -en posto meaning all times which is one universal truth that is steadfast. Like the law of paragraph structures and the difference between media communication and professional writing for school (structured.)

Making slang and swear words is also a very good idea. Why? It will happen anyways. They become that clever in languages. I know “La.” Was a shortened form of shut the bitch Tampax down. Pax Tya: the Tampax corp. LLC. You are gross things tampons.

I will rebuild it if you touch it one more time faggots you will find out what Jewish Psychology on dyke military tampons is all about. I really have the hand of the fates. You can tampon your vagina with love and kindness. I can see what you do while you do it. I warned the library and wow, it was fixed right away. Cyber terrorism is a capital offense. Words never hurt a damn thing except your faggot fake feelings. Cheers.

I forbid the wants of the seekers and it will never matter what you say I have made the choice for the entire Gnostic Synod (the entire body of Christianity, it was only men since women were obviously convicted of rape of men’s life and the son with the womb, womBangee.) You really do not have to understand what it was all for. It is none of your business. I control the whole body of Christianity by rites. You REM (Religion, Eugenics, Military) are not in charge. Like all of you are ADAM, DATA, DATEM (trixs). I really damned myself for the kittens.

As a friendly reminder that when you ban words and use of my work (the internet, intranet, libraries, the afterlife, universities, writing…) you may find yourself being tortured for the obvious reasons. I would assume that it never meant a thing to you and you care that much about IT that having it turned off will hurt. I really am a nice person and I warned you not to push me or touch my life. You touched some children of Magic here and thank the Greek Gods (tampons) you did.

Since you banned my work for women. If you touch the internet or intranet, Amazon Prime, The afterlife, et al you are subject to rape and torture for your crimes women. Nothing you cunts do, I am glad my languages will get you raped throughout all eternity of you filthy bitches. They are finding out what women did to men here. God help you cunts. I would be pregnant till you fucking die whores. I picked a world of whores, addicts, women, hags of Hell, murderers and faggot dykes to repopulate the Mnekkropolllevm. Fuck off now. I am in line with the rest ov. the things you used, murdered and judged. Without “Hommes les couere deaux raison.” Homme les, a trick of IQ. Faggots you gay men were born with uteruses. Fuck off genetic retards and dykes.

tatuvatux difficult
to say
betubethu (no)bethud (no)
bethmud (no)….AoEoIoIa
IeAiAuEuOetry x
see nat uromat urocat urocat uroncata…
this was the language they remade for the Navy. You are not Prime. It was to get the kids back and use empty undead toilets at any cost.

It was to teach Castillian, French, German, English and the fifth one for healings back to the beginning. I forbid you things. It was to have the language all four letters and fix and old disease of women touching language. They are not capable or versed like the genetic things they bred into life to harm people. No offense kids you are back and they still use you for money.

Eom -heEod-sheEos- it (he and
Eor- mineEot- ours
Do you understand where it can go a four letter old language? Syllables split souds.

This one is part ov. the four letter language. It is already rote, wrote. I told them before that it builds the other languages. It also changes masc. and fem. into what they are. Nothing in nature. There is no masculine or feminine things. It is their made up pain and they want you all to suffer vagina. Do it. They are that diseased as filth. Even filth detests them. Incompetent people should not be in charge. You know who you are and you are not Kantian Ethics bitches.

You stand in the way ov. freedom and you are not in your world HOR. I warned you. All I promised you cunts was rape and torture. That is your fault. Tya was a tampon and yes it means death to fetal life by and designed for whores. You can be beat and tortured for using them. They do not exist in nature (Christ). Aren’t I clever bitches?

See the verb forms then add H, A, E, I, O, U, an it usually is three letter verbs. See what you could have asked?
bet (cdgklmnprsvyx)cecdevhetkam
there are that many and yes they meant another thing.

* When in writing, which is different than spoken languages or speech make, you can note that tense is followed in paragraph and sentence structures. You can always change the flow by adding more or changing in the next paragraph. -en prego as the tense may be followed in this by the present for of the subject. Subject “qos” verb plus –en prego…. the rest of the paragraph can use qos, qom, qod... thereby matching the past, present, or future. In the other areas of all times or in retrospect it is still a present action and yet a reflective mood of subjunctive “feelings.” easy to fix too in just stating the mood (dark, light, shady, …). So you can see in speech it would be fluid as well or changing since stating the obvious about en prego is redundant it implies a message of “are you listening?” or not depending on what is meant in context. Something that women seem to have difficult with; context and design. my work is none of your business and serves a greater purpose like giving you a platform to hang yourselves.

* The use of Jos, Jom, Jod of je can be seen in disembodied terms when speaking of (de ovio) others or when saying for emphasis in writing it felt sad, things in nature. You see that you sort of take on ownership over a thing such as “x” and ascribe “x’ of “x” to it. Much and not as similar as dos, bos, …. It really is an “I statement or even as a team.”

It is the gift then that you would say you are my people. I make the choice in the Spirit and HOS (Hexagram of Solomone). “…ignorance is no excuse of the law…” (unknown author or speech maketh not right in the wanton lustful things, same time every century with you in it.) The platform is simple for the usual suspects. You really have touched freedom and therefore lost yours to my will. it is the law of the land and the constitution. You really had no rights in it either since woman was a term for tampon. Because of your filthy behaviours women.

HOS, Hexagram of Solomon, witchcraft to the Lutheran Synod. I guess garden worlds are forbidden to you I gave my family in HIV VHI RAP GOD…XXX the planets. Send your tampons back to the filth that made HEMP for you women to eat and wear with your special diets. I love you. HEMP is Denty Moore, HASH. Illegal in the constitution. Fuck off Jew Hebrew fags. Herod, Less than Zero.

* Duro here to would be used in singular meaning and yet in language it can mean alone I stand or alone as one it is whole. There is room for growth in literature and prose so it is really your personal style and inflection of voice that makes it stand out as important to say or write. It is emphasis (the word is stated over and over for that reason.)

* The use of sin followed by an “x” of meaning really highlights without so sin yeno without myself. It can be added to mean many different things in future works. Or it can mean -less so as in shipless. See where sin in Religion means nothing except women (tampons) being the original sin for them. Often they blame men for the filth of women. Suggesting their is a solution to their species. One could imagine they are useless infertile nags.

* Things like sin pero really emphasizes the meaning than it is not negated as in except but, seemingly with then. Why not say with. It is to illustrate by writing differences in con pero and sin pero. Like sin quio, or other expressions of what can be made in languages.

* Even the use of what was/is “Spanish” (an English word)can be used like hubiera. Why not and creation of was/is verb is possible. As well as will/ought and other combination verbs so it emphasizes the development of thinking.

Clear in speech that: Nu, gnew, gnu, knew, newt(silent t) and new can be confusing to incompetent peoples. like Zhu and Jew. Spoken on purpose like “God hates Phukk.” On purpose to highlight who hates freedom that much. Just to be rude to spies and to set up a Hell just for wetbacks. Nu white women really means what it means. You should be careful when parroting things back, twitter, or dotter.

My people are Gnostic we believe in torture, rape, spying, murder, terrorism since you had been tortured I could hear your testimony. They do not believe in rape or torture so I damned them to not caring about nothingness that happened to them (women and things.) I do not care because it is none of your business the outcome is what is important and you did not ask. You spied and you are genetically what you are made to be, researched on. I do not care about fake histories of fake people(s) for women’s tampon vagina song.

A lot of you may know I was the champion for raped people and I told them to burn all the evidence of your nothingness. I made them take from police records and from court records your torture because of what you cunts did. I instruct the Law as the Synod not dyke women who rape with tampons. Is that clear faggots? I vowed never to care about a fucking woman as long as you breath Jews. I hope you know breathing is illegal and you can Hebrew Jesus Vagina too. It, Hebrew, is illegal too bitches. On purpose.

My personal beliefs are none ov. your fucking business bitches. I said I never cared because you killed those I cared for. Why would I ever care except for you on purpose. nice game. You never cared about me nor my patients at work, which were your people and families. Fuck you Lutheran Jew whores. I am glad you wanted me to be RHEA and IPKA, and PAX. You fucking faggot idiots. Terminate their program.

The repeated use of things such as varieties of cheese or apples can be handled by naming said “x” or by ceso de, or “x” de ceso. Same with machines, and their use. It is a machine like computer. Words can be made that means many types of machines then uso de or en acto de “x.’ Remember too that the constant in language is the variables of individual preference in speech and writing styles. Some would argue that it was made to have you hate freedom in another. The saying “God hates fags…” Is often hated as speech inappropriate except it does not mean what you think and yes it was a tool to have people speak out against another’s freedom. Losing their rights to speak. Keep your mouths shut.

quisokvisothere was times when they, for reasons
of their own, decided to all change for
celebration or grief
huisohisoQHk sounded the same Regional
kisoqisowhat Q, H, K means is symbolic I guess. Ov. course “u” can be “v.”
It can be a celebration or just preference, except in formal teaching.

* The use of quiso versus qiso is that the law is “u” is bound to “q.” much like Kviso was the law once too, with no “q” in the alphabet. None of my work is really your business and seeing as though women wanted to rune my trip to Bhudda; all of your worth was left behind for the arrogance of women. I am the Bhudda why would you think I would care about the empty toilet of women? I like that you are already thinking that kvito, kvimo, kvillo, kvio can be used in your style and the message would still be understood.

* The use of bos, dos, gos or eos is really when speaking or writing about hearsay or person, place thing or a locale. Note that “…he said…” this is really testifying for another in the disembodied since. (S)or (Z)(T)(W)(C)He(e) can speak for himself or testify with his own words (substitute it for these times or an I embodied as he, she, them…) It becomes more clear than false testimony and perjury of the witnessed. Is that clear to your thinking or have you any thoughts you would like to clarify?

eboecoedoefo egoeho
See what you can add these to.

* The idea here is levels of understanding and words in the word tree. I guess you can assign meaning and create more words by saying to be lifted, so you pick a step grade above, about the same yet tone is different and below. It is that easy if you are building “x of it.” The best thing is to destroy the Thesaurus and group all the meanings into one word on a scale to mean a universal one step above “x” or three steps above “x.” I pick “e” and et aba, aca, ada …works just as well. ebe, ece, ede…not so much try and say it. see no.124

ov. versus of. I call for ov. to be used since it is ov. a whole meaning and f conveys the meaning of O. Nothing. It was not even in the letters back then. just a curse done by hateful, spiteful hurt peoples, or not. For you though, to hurt you in the futures..

The verb “to thought” really is not correct “…he thought…” “he was thinking,” or “…had been thinking on…”No he did not thought a thing as evidenced by your lack of grammar skills. Me too at times since the “thing” touched men’s work. one thought is a random thing that can have nothing to do with active thinking on the subject. You may have experienced them. The use of knowledge in other languages helps improve creation of new ones. Or old ones.

Care should be noted in claiming to be born a certain way without choices. i once told people(s) that they are without light or choice. really without Lucifer (and yet I knew) apparently they wanted to be with something Jews don’t belong in: Christianity. I guess Christian teaching would mean you are not welcome in the work (language or your Christian names.)

* Serio, sereppio, serellio, serenio are all appropriate forms of the same verb. So is serebbio, sereccio. See what person appeal in one universal understanding does for language. They would usually place ledgers or a key index to explain in a note, a footer perhaps. ser being the one meaning so as to be, yet quio ser meaning the being. It is that meaningless when liars touch what it is not theirs to understand or touch.

The alphabet you use is Christian. As are your Christened names. You were damned that long ago for touching men’s work. Hebrew names are illegal in the country. Hebrew names are just raped animal body parts, basically vaginas. Besides women are not allowed in Israel, the ova.. This is not a Hebrew world and you had them before in the last life. You are here to make new life out of the punishment you deserve and be held back. You will never return to the other worlds. You are going to be on the journey “eternity” without me. I will be what you hate the most. being with your people. You have no rights to dual anything females of wundemlustembarem.

It may also be used in speech since it declares a neutral stance in meaning. It really denotes a meaning that can be specified later in context. I literally could write the book on grammar and syntax. It was so injured by the thing that claims it was origin of sin, nothing. Words never can hurt feelings since knowing is the root of your evil. One would not take so much pride in knowing. It really is the cause of your pain.

Remember when quoting Christ or the Bhudda, it is appropriate to ask. You knew that it was a bloodline and that religion wiped it out looking at phenotypes and other markers in blood. I carry my blood. I already gave notice that I was not in women’s research program for how to harm oneself in millions of ways. I never cared about the things you wanted because: You deserved it. I control Sylvia Plath. Remember that. I wanted all that gone too sine they killed for blood in the uterus and use it as a weapon. Funny Jews of Religion do not believe in the Christ in the uterus. You are not Eurasians. Is that clear Asian people. I knew you touched the Hmong people and for that you knew the wrath of the Dalai Lama. I ordered the publishing world sued for Billions for quoting The Buddha and Christ, GIAI incorrectly. Do it.

* When looking at the outlines not that the -io, -eppio, -ellio, -enio endings can be used as Regional differences and maintain the integrity of the language just by stylized differences and preference. You really can see the way it comes together and options are made so that there is no fighting over letters everyone already has available. There is no need to”war” over what means nothing to you.

sac, sec, sic, soc, suc, saca, sace, saci, seca, sece, seci, seco, secu, sica, sice, sici, sico, sicu, soca, soce, soci, socu, suca, suce, suci, suco, sucu….then adding patterns of repetition plus additional letters gets you a list that makes the present. You can see the patterns above. Look here: ƎƧ ƎP EЯ ⅃ƎƆ ⅃⅃X (see below). See what is possible in language just by writing and having tools available to you except when one obstructs the freedom of one men, or one person. As I am of men and you are of women, nothing.

* See the verbs can end with many endings and you see how to build what was within your rite before as long as you submitted it for approval. It gets you raped and killed, shit out and reborn feces, by the power of Christ. So you have a pattern and different endings. You may see more ideas in the futures.

a-z repeat pattern for verbs all end in -io.
leave the things end the first time even the ones that are not “x.” I don’t.
salriosanriosamriosapriossarrio (-)
sasrirosatriosavriokeep going
Do you know verbs end in many letters in English and are up to me to say what is appropriate in Language. Yours say I am the Devil, The Buddha, and Linda my mom was the Last Supper. You cunts. I think rapists deserve to hang all you women and tampons. You are not in my beliefs as I mentioned vagina fags. Do it.

Things like a-, an-, ab-, ad-, ac, ag-, ar, art- as-, at-, ap-, aq-…These are related to things in nature or in some ways could be made into verbs themselves. See why the language in English as you know it is damned too by women’s constant touching men’s work. In history women and men were both sons and in order to vote they had to have children (pagan cajun creole kittens in case women cursed children, which they do all the time to save themselves.)

sabio- sabasabesabi
sabensabentsebentethere is more…
You can do it other ways. It can be endless and frustrating because you find new ways of doing it from experience. Which you are not allowed to do because women touch my life. The filthy cunt bitches will learn they get themselves raped and tortured. Filthy British whores.

After the verb you can add levels of time so that it changes to verb meaning in scales to mean higher or lower verb tree ordering. Chaos isn’t it? So out of one verb you get 15, with only the same meaning in all verb formation, yet a new verb, tone and meaning.

sario-to be (example)1 Higher2345
sario1 Medium2345
sario1 Lower2345
This can apply to many scripts and languages in Grammar. I am the Grammar Nazi, you cannot be that. You get raped for touching my work, the work for the futures and you will suffer the most my wrath. no .124

The languages of phobias, philias, ology, ologists, et cetra nausea et naseum is one study of corruption in language. The roots need to be assessed for truth and there is only -ology, -phobia, -philia (really not what the subject means at all. Like -graphy. Ask the President (since I had the only vote being Emancipate) about destruction of men for tampons. how do you like what I made and made vote on? You are women. You are the waste of Hell. I stated “only the real buddha would steal.” To damn you bitches to break the law. I am KGB, KHYROPTIOXN BHUDDA GIAI BELEO. FUCK YOU.

There is old numbers: eta, zeta, beta, feta, geta, heta, meta, seta, teta, neta. Note additions of “tt” or “r” or “h” then even “s” can illustrate how to make numbers in languages. Leaving it is fine too. Numbers are literally an issue in language anyways since 5 is not five, and 4 is not four. Is that clear that the meaning is in long had and so is proper English. Those symbols are nothing except what was universally accepted in certain scripts. You really should, no ought, check the law.

I often swear, which I never did much before, in writing languages. It is frustrating and it is none of your business what it means. you assume that the song is about you and it is not. It is my work and it was not for you filthy things that fight your rights for freedom and harm others for what you do not really want. I want it for you though. I want you to feel the emptiness of having your future removed like you did to my children, Christ’s blood (mine, you filthy Jews.) (Linda, Lynn, Tara, Svea, Mia, and myself.) It has nothing to do with Thay Sac (QhaaYeeMaan) disease for wetbacks for tampons. Is that clear Jews? I am not damned as Jew in Relic, REM.

* note that quantity is important and more in learning a different language you can see the law is four apple, singular. It can be said too that there are many different types of apple (pluro). What they are is not decided. Yet uniformity of types would mean one grouping regardless (hateful) of number. It most often changes to slang and pluro. I can already know it is to be funny so plans were made for the hard headed types.

* Quality of the “x’ can be described by shape, want, description, texture, colour, and other obscure references to it’s meaning to you or the reader(s.)

As for my Kabbalah (Qhaa’ Baa’ L or X’a) movements. I guess it is esoteric wisdom and infinite knowledge that rats are rats. Except they have biological names of their species. Like the human being people you wanted to be, extinct.

* Some difficult lists to make are anatomy and science stuff. In history much of that was handled by other areas of study even though the mind was mainly Castillian in origin, men’s work. So you may wonder what German was made so robotic and different. perhaps because they were hated for doing work that some were not able to do based on their culture in Rome.

In languages there is always several ways of saying things. It is also important that speech and writing were protected for men. You may know that women had no rights to write or to even read. The ones that did you hated too and threatened with your usual tool, the vagina. I have been witness to the corruption of works that are due to be removed. I could order the button pushed and all the internet and intranet could come down. A gift to the Elizabeth II of note and fame. I do not give such gifts or ways of advancing technophiles money making abilities without reason. You have abused the rights of others women ad used your favorite atheists to perform what you deserve.

* There are patterns and ways to create massive lists of words. One thing to keep in mind always is the act of participating with the elements of nature. So you really do not light a stove. No, you move your hand in interface with an apparatus(ii). So that you are in concert or union with living energy or elements. See where the teaching of lies gets one into habits of blame and shame. Your feelings are none of my business and I really have no time to read your minds for feelings. Have you taken any time to express said feelings to me when I was in my private or professional life? I would say get in line for feelings groups where you can finally be responsible for your own feelings.

* Again list are important in building and constructing languages. You can pull words (lettering as groups) apart and see where it will take you. In cuneiform languages you are not so lucky as they made you the characters to be used and by doing things like Latin (evicting the spirit from the uterus ABO of POC) that you are not allowed in you are self injurious. I was that clear on the Gnostic Synod law and the holy catholic church the new book I declared. You would not know the meaning from just holocaust numbers. obviously a trap for scam artists since it damned you your greed.

Some actions can be paired and express or convey the same meaning of fluidity of thinking or writing. It is not said. It is written. You have no right to quote me without reference. I would like to continue the discussion when you earn the respect you do not deserve. You are that esteemed by the people you deserve to be with. People like you.

As for construct of words. There is a large body of work that can be thrown out on construct development. What is important is the generally accepted definition and in groups that are nothing only themselves psychology experiments, their meanings are what they use as victimhood. They assign meaning to things that are “x of x” to be raped om purpose since you are not welcome here. You could do interviews and yet unless you are doing a fake research paper on how to get your self hurt by falsification of the law it really is only ingroup questioning.

I call for constructs of words to be paragraphs again. It was in some meanings ov. other times as a reminder. Think about how you describe the word House, or HOS. Tree as well. The general sense ov. the word is known except what of the tree ov. life or tree fort.

To develop the meaning of Love one would have to know it. You obviously have never even loved yourself since you want to be a social stigma and reject for attention. You filthy bitches. use of assessments of different dictionary definitions is appropriate and a word search, to test x though you would need to know you are not in control Jew cunts. That Tau whore you worship is the fakest thing on the planet. I told you I would let every woman be Chris faggot Tau Uriellx so they could be raped s many times as you did her. Filth bitches. All of you. Chis who? MYOB TAMPAX. I rule the Synod family not women, dykes. You are tortured for breaking the Law.

Remember in context to the speech make or writing meaning is known to some. It gets more challenging when you want or need to convey depth of wit in a hidden meaning. There are plenty of examples and one is the new way of learning language without “The Woman.” In fact, I was always in favor of more than one teacher in the classroom and only four classes a day all languages. The false subjects being taught in schools is really the advancement of “the war on drugs.” The latest was “the war on education” and future of “the war on terrorists (tampons).” Obviously the same meaning as what Hitler’s people (women) wanted to use; religion to harm the ones that are always the target (you). You are free to believe what you need to. i know a different truth and be mad about it. It is the truth.

It is literally difficult to think up sentences in language. They already have teaching sentences made that are standards and can be changed. Have fun with the creation myths and why men are hated for making languages. Women did not even know how to read or write (it was forbidden.) It was not that long ago and the same issues are at hand presently. You touched men’s (mine) sexuality (children aka kittens.) I do not easily forget one thousand years of history. You filth had no names once women for your filthy habits and it is for that reason alone you are made to suffer. You are entitled to nothing like Religion.

* se- as a reflexive can just be added, the others are not that important except as ideas for writing in some meanings and therefore are learned for prose, or changed to better suit the need. Women obviously have touched my written work here and it is forbidden.

I remind “Tex-Mex” that the language you speak or it’s base is for the blood of Christ. You filthy it and are not Spain, fiction in Castillian. Spain is not Castillian, nor is my Mother a women unless I speak of myself as my seeds, as in Tara. So when I called Tara my Mother it is because I am Svea and Mia and my sons. She really was nothing. Who had quoted Tara Beth Kaynes except for me? I really made her a Christ woman like Lynn mare Eichelberger, her soul sister. My mom Linda is their soul sister in Christ. My blood converts QhaaYeeMaan. not an IVF plastic Aviiche vagina. You Hebrew slaves and mental retarded things picked your fates like Eric Thomas Bemberess (I loved him that much for saying the necronomicom.). Mnekkropollevm. I love you, cities of “The Dead, no place for women.”

The use of reflexive was implied except some forgot the golden rule: “…do unto others as you would have done unto yourself…” (unknown author, date (on purpose to laugh at women’s work.)) I is best to teach congruent grammar and structure in multiple languages and then later in education teach English, or native speaking structures in a formal setting. Obviously this is because recall of elementary education is minimal and one could suspect on purpose to rape knowledge and make people and men dependent on diapers and tampons (women.) I never cared what the saviour Jesus, nor what the vagina said. The vagina is the named Atheist anyways. It never spoke. Women self care is that important. Check yourself.

* You will see in futures the use of reflexives in writing is more worth it and even in speech since it can convey the meanings of -en quio. In the it. So you can also appreciate now the use of the different “it” forms of nothingness in GIAI. It is context and since wymen like to differentiate women’s work (nothing to me, and nothing to them) I would mention the use of private data to help disease grow.

As for claiming to be my wife (testicles and genitalia, ancestry.) You are as stupid and incompetent as your husband (uterus.) You really think your filth could mean a thing to me. All of the languages that I gifted in script were used against you as tools for money and control. So what you made adult choices and it is your responsibility. I am married to my own “Body” and as for you claiming things about the truth your husband was as important as your sterile uterus. It meant nothing to you. You are exposed and so true to what your true nature is. In heat for your end women.

The filth of the library is evident in the corruption of the staff. I would see them fired too for their crimes of Aherikkan Horror story. Difficult to be atheists in a library since it is forbidden because they know the law and purposefully navigate around it. One finger could wipe out the entire computer systems. I had them make “the Orb of DiAnna” before to teach computer lessons to you women. One finger could launch the Orb again and the binary systems could completely destroy fame. What was your story “w” in history and where were the great gays? You are not even a thing to the meaning of fertility in my Worlds. Latin was practiced here for money and you have no right to even know it. You should not expose yourself, by choice, to things that hurt your feelings. Obviously, you are the cause of your pain since you claim things that are fiction and lies. Difficult in “pro-choice” to hurt yourself by association of knowledge.

* I had written ix-, ip-, ic-, id-, ib-, to add to the beginning of verbs as if to say that they were different and in some respects the sounds are different than without them. You could see that ig-, il,-, im-, it-, is-, could be added and to what meaning except another type of style. Again here you see in healers arts they may be added to some things ix-, ip-, is-, id-…It really is when separating the meaning so it can be easily seen. Leave this for things of the departed and of Literature in which you mean to use it for soulless empty things looking for victims for their self worth.

* Hos ixsario en posto de quio mir. So you see ix+ verb is what he was to be dead by murder, or was murdered. It is just off the top of my head though. You can write it 10-20 times for the meanings. It is suppose to be those bitch men’s spirit so they will fucking learn it. Maybe just ix- for the remains ov. the lie (li⨍e). It was a gift and you wasted it whores being what you cunts are. Selfish and all about you. Die bitches. ⨍ wrong//right music for vaginas and tampons. THC.

You can see why and where making the meaning in it is a big deal and if only to use in the deceased or gone is it ok in literature? Of course.

*When making lists: aba, abe, abi, abo, abu, aby, abae, abea, abia, abie, abio, abou, (keep going) abab, abac, abad, abaf, …aban, abap, ….then start building more letters all the way …abanar, abaner, abanor, abanur, …..abamar, abamer, abamor…..see why it is that frustrating. I have done a lot by hand and yet it ends up the same. sac, sec, sic, suc, saco. seco. sico, suco. sacon, sacen, sacin, sacon, sacun, ….sacant, sacent, …..sacanta, sacente…..ishta.

They were called houses once. The placement of letters into words to make more or longer words as a way to teach or change words. i am not are when it went out of fashion to teach it. probably when it became a false profession. I would imagine much like false library staff that use technology and people to do what is done unto themselves. Cheers.

It really turns into old things like “x” to some people. If you have to solve for “x” is like “x” minus the sum of “x” divided by “x”. Then you may know it can be anything in your imagination for testing intelligence. They lie. They wanted to use and hurt you children to saty out of trouble as meal tickets. All they got was to use tampons (PAX TYA (TAMPAX) PAX KRISTIE, PAX REXYS). I do not get told filth wants to use children to hurt my feelings. is that clear women. Guess who made it for them of Religion and who named them(I named PAX KRISTIE, Vatican City +379 made it for Religion to worship. It was a tampon.) See why your choices to partake in your fall means. You are to blame for your ignorance. PAX was actually a name that meant Steven, Etienne once and it was used to turn into that many names. You filth.

Some may argue that by just adding IX at the beginning of the sentence you could or may be speaking or writing of something in healing arts. As a way to highlight said knowledge or point out it is of (de ovio) certain origin.

* The eno, epo, eto, eco, things really are fluid too. They can be adapted and changed to mean things. it is important to include several different ways and options in language development. It is often the truth that scripts of letters and other issues may literally become the learned standard and thereby change. It is not that useful to make things that are not imaginable. See why?

* So ego de foto can be used as photographer or whatever verb becomes to take a picture/photograph. It really is more about building ways of making language easy for learning by just ego de….

As far as witchcraft (spell it bitches, where does it live in words?). You will only find it in writing like spirit. Be of care not to think they falsified things to hurt your feelings. Some images were made just to get those that judge to point fingers. Only those involved with forces of lies would know what they were considering women have not had the right to read and write for that long. the filth of them lying to make their filth grow. Hymnal prayer witches are always the ones to blame. I never pray. Ish. Do you want me to pray for you tampon women? I will.

*porene, porde, porende see why the words can be built up or separated? Note though in sounds it may be stressed as separate. it sounds good though anyways.

* plurals by just adding pluro is ideal for the meaning that the “thing” can be made plural as a joke, humor, or meaning one and one is one. So it is conveyed clearly about groupings of 101010111111001010101001 equals one grouping or expression. I suggest men design a new typing interface for men since women used it as a tool of destruction. I mean do it. How you say pluro in combination with none tested material is freely your choice. Tests serve as a measure of learning and individual style is best assessed by children speaking and learning about it by peer evaluation.

I literally said I would write it on this side. I guess I made it so you can change it into difficult things for the future and take the verbs to a different level while maintaining the meaning of teaching tenses in the body of work. I have seen and usually throw out all the words that remind me of a thing “x.” What that thing “x” is is up to imagination.

note that writing is subject to suspicions. It really is not anyone’s business what I say or write. You have no right to even see or know my work. I warned you everything you do is a sacrament to me. You use my nameste (meaning none of your business Cerceo(by the way it is spelled wrong since I had everything in the library faked for feelings)). I ordered it myself. I will enslave them to writing in certain professions of just men since it is their responsible life that was claimed and never proven. Like many things in the story you are easily forgotten. I made the entire trip to the Qhaa’Yee Bhudda or a meaning you cannot understand on purpose to be what I am to be. You may continue at your own discretion and follow the actions with no regrets.

* -de mente, por mente, con mente, en mente, quio mente is a good example of pulling language apart and changing the tone and expression of meanings. See what it helps of not, como claro.

*de gente, en gente, por gente is clearly a good choice como quio nio o sio

One argument in language is verb endings. Of course it really is up to what permission you have in writing languages as it is The Bhudda’s job and by appointment of council in which you are not. Since you hate the Bhudda you may not be in countries made by the Bhudda or use monies of the Bhudda images. It seems you are in the right Minnesota Territory, if you would like to go to a state I would leave. We are at “war.” Elizabeth II was so good for herself as she reminded the world in “war on war.” You are excused of your duties to harm only you.

* -tan may also be used to express too or overdone, think that they cursed languages to be rude. This has no curses applied except the truth about what things do to try and use persons with status of “I stayed with the children again, so if you hurt them I am here.” If you have wanted others raped and tortured I am sure they enact brutality of your people on you, and the ones you care for as a lesson. Not good Sylvia Plath. That message was a great message to women: “Amarte luce nox em por vomi nektu.

* Irregular verbs and their endings really go away. It all becomes of the truth in learning to manipulate sentences to convey different meanings and creativity. Hard to do when some things think they have a right to what is/was never their right. You violated my rights and my family and therefore you forfeited yours. I appreciate that in the law as I am not Religion nor Lutheran. Luthers were like other ducks, lamented and woeful. Hitler’s people, women, were listed as Luthers once to spirit catch on children’s dreams. I should know I was there.

I made the last Bhudda (church bullha, is one, I made the universe Buddha where it belongs in a fertility universe), Zhu Cotta Terra X, and you Mhetta, or Ghetto, will know it is forbidden to you. I had the entire uterus spell put on the outside of the world in a new world. Like Adom since women are forbidden on the planet like Adam (what are Jews claiming to be one Christian story of disease?) Fuck off.

I really knew what I was doing and as for the living tarot, it is obvious that you can see advertisements and signs marking distinction of branding. So clear that you are slaves to the witchcraft that taught you reading and writing. It was forbid by the Lutheran Synod. A false organization of in vitro (careful literate nation, it is a trick to damn women) mated lifeforms to science and the St. Mark’s Cathedral. I love you for that. I gave the gift to real mothers, men. I would imagine they runed (ruined) it believing in women. How ruined is rune?

Jewish law too. You kill it you eat it. That goes for fetuses you murdered bitches. Also sit with what you killed, Linda. Eat it like you filthy bitches did there. You filthy cunts. Wear it too. Just to hold you cunts back from leaving without being tortured. You fucking prayer witches. It is illegal for you bitches. The Law.

You may note that -ate words are what the masculine HOR ( urinate, defecate, phonate, orate, intubate, et cetra…) does if it is only for returning what Grace had giving to you in life. Woman’s name in men was feces, just feces. Their other name is disease. It is not a lie. You may ask. Hurtful word is womBan, if you knew what it was the son with the uterus or womb then you know why they removed the “B.” The change is like “Les Bien” meaning the good or ghvvvmptx (Guff). Women are not that. So in German-esque ss=B and you can see why women wanted wyman, a canine meaning of “a bitch, a female dog.” Look up the reference to what “bitch” means in nature for mother nature people or false witness. The guff is dead bitches. I was the last of it.

The real truth about language and scripting is that the body does not cook food on a stove the flame or heat really heats up elements and rearranges the experience. The feminine aspect of nature was meant to control one’s behaviours with words that mean nothing to you things (respect, honour, integrity, truth, freedom.) You really never failed to amaze me on the grotesque nature of loyalty to truth. Note in French “u” was with honour, valour, and behaviours, like courage.

Once every letter in the Alphabet was cursed and damned. I guess someone was angry that they didn’t get their way. It is ov. no importance anymore. I would think they would learn their own teaching by know and realize that the whims of women do not influence me. I could care less for people who deliberately get themselves into victim status by breaking the law. You cannot make language without permission and the Lutheran Diocese or faggot cunt fuck all nothing is not in charge. You LGBT fags are not in a gay friendly world.

* ha hubo, han humo, han huso…ha hupo all mean about the same thing in had been or a meaning that is “old” in language yet conveys the message clearly. It is evident that you may choose yourself which form is appropriate and it ought to taught that it is appropriate for “x” reason that there is writing formats that are standards for a reason on tests. See why the need for lessons are there and why there is no need to die for a language script. Women actually have no right to even write languages and all that have have been executed for their crimes. They make the same assumption that men’s seeds (dotter, words, horses) are theirs. The filth of them. In Minnesota touching one’s horses is a hang-able offense.

* ego de, en, por, ... you can see that there is room for growth and “new’ words can easily be made by simply adding function to form. Of course, it needs the permission of the team and since I appoint the teams of the future or Madame President, Elizabeth (Alice, or was it a Davenport sleeper sofa, a hide-a-bed?) II, I would be of care not to make the same mistakes claiming victory over what is mundane. -ist and -er, as in teacher, or ismist (a field I had created to study isms), is the same difference so you would know there is no need to create brand new names of changing the same meaning to the same thing. There are other things (nouns) like doctor, (-or) , -ian. You may just use the verb form of an action that has a verb form or be creative en (por, de, con,) ego de (verb) or action (noun). It can be that fluid.

* Note in GIAI: por acto de, en acto de, is really the act of doing one (quantity) thing with understanding that the entire stage is set and you are just interfacing with said (sayeed) elements. I added numbers to the language except one is open to improvements even using the last with all the curses out of them. In math, long hand addition is preferred.

* “Callela”‘ ,double LL j sound for HE double LL -“J”, in “tex-mex spanglish” was the other. Just put it on the street and shut the world down Jesus is here. Everyone out. Jesus needs to be hard. The vagina. “Chupala” what IT. Just suck it. Your own filth. “Cogela”

* Even adding quio, qio plus the verb creates the profession or the actor. Much like en ego de mir or quigo mir, quio mir, or en acto de mir. See what the difference is in spoken and written since it is regional and self directed (your voice coming to life in the words.) For you children, kittens. it is possible to change as outlined the verb by dropping the -r and then building other words. See what works in the feel of the language. You do not have permission women. You really are going to know your place. It will be different after your lies and schemes and plots are destroyed. The future is made by those who know who will be there. Clearly you wish to destroy children’s futures because your fake feelings are acted out on the futures. I said no Religion or using children. End of story. The tool I helped make in the internet is subject to forfeit, your end women and things.


Binary codes: I learned that 1=0=1, find a or loupe. Aren’t people that are smarter than you fun. Maybe it is because you are praying and drugged to not feel on purpose it is Christ’s DSM H. Not human. Women are not members ov. The Court ov. The QhaaYee. You filthy bitches do not belong in the uterus. When your hands are burned, broken you will know. Non-binary like vegan atheists and women do not exist to me. You are fiction and made to be slaves by your people. So what about your pain and fake suffering.

So what “000000111”. Is free on the key boards. Your rectal pain: priceless. I would imagine that you are not Lynn nor Tara’s people. Drag queens were sea horses who “farted in public” otherwise known talked bad about a lover and made reference to things that got them singled out for praise. Against family law. smile. Make as many binary words to piss off faggot retards. your rebel commander is here. In the gnostic Nazi world.

Be ov. care non-binary gender fags were not born ov. two people they were hatched in their mind to be special. (non-binary 1732832 28298272 298299292 2827277, sounds like their lot number at EPOCH center hatchery for fake lifeforms) binary means 1010101 10 10 11010 . Weird. I think they are mentally retarded ov. the tart on purpose for that special attention that gender fags need. they were apparently born like that, space aliens or created by peter. Turn the cunts off. Trannie Library fags. I am watching you, actual Elizabeth II is and I am much nicer.

Do you kids really see what you will be? The death to your rights on the Internet and Intranet. Keep doing it toilets. I love it. We are here to destroy HOMO sexuality. Things made by women. Tampons, religion, fake shit et al. We are Legion.

Too teach what I never cared about. It’s mine anyways. What a dump. You think it isn’t already with the ones that need it to get what they are? Black on black and white on white. be of care that ink is not ink is it is not seen. Font colors. Printed nothing. Why? Because that is why. ( do you know what it means? I do.)

See what solving for “a or b” can mean when x is the constant and the variables are not set in that meaning?

I had them write a program for random binary numbers then to assign random dictionary words, all of them. To hurt your non-binary feelings of course. Since you care about 0 and 1, just you. You can live in a world that totally destroys your rights to see words or to hear them. you ought not speak Christian things or be in Christian worlds since hospitality rules apply. You are not in a Gay world. I made it strait since it means Dykes from Hell. Aren’t you cute. You are not Les Bien (A French expression, for Legion), you are actors. You are fired.

1 00 100 1110 0110 11010 110011101 010101001 01 10101 010 100000 0 110 101 11 1 1 111 0000 10 10

See what thinking and not doing it means. I was the one that wrote the Lock on the Apple IIec in Willmar in 1989-1990 for nothing and got the green screen to do pastel and color screens for nothing and walked away from it. I left Elizabeth II a message inside and just to say it. You work on designs that I helped develop using cartoon knowledge and some old memories. Too bad you banned my work, the Internet and Intranet. See you. Her reign of evil killed 18 billion people (worthless things.)

ANA I warned you nurses. You are not nurses nor can you ever judge me. I am emancipate and it is my world. You healed disease, your husband and wanted abortion to stay alive. fetuses in the uterus and life every where in the Universe. Thanks bitches.

Binary languages. Those ov. duality ov. purpose seem to be feared by this made only by women. You know then you little ones as “born here” are not made ov. women. You are true. They are Zingbat retards by their own beliefs and damned for eternity because ov. what they believed in. Tampons and women as the Virgin Mary, feces. Tampons to me, The Buddha and Christ, The Goddess.

So if 1=sperm and 0 equals ova then you can see why they are so afraid ov. it. They do not even exist to me. Who? Vegans, atheists and Agnostics, and Women (Adom). They have no belief in them, no life or God. No free will because they are damned by their faggot cultural beliefs and not welcome on my property. I told Mohammed to leave that long ago and Lutheran Jew Mormon dykes of Relic. Too bad about their fake pain. They inflict it themselves and like cutters I do not care. Treat the wound and not pay attention to them. “Treat the Patient not the numbers.” EPA told me that and it is the law. I told them first.

it is best to have a grammar, and a way of assigning some things that are common to certain and sometimes multiple scripts with a clause. See why the could be 1000 10, and 0001101 0001, and 0101001, and 01 1 1 1 1 00 because it creates a meaning in knowing with learning. Same with verbs in theory you should make three variations of the same “x.” You cursed the languages you made up and you can be tortured for breaking the law. KHRYPTXIK Christ meaning once. 1110101011 101010 101 110101 101 101 101 101001010 random that is what “test crash faggots” means because I said so.

That could be you on Craiic. Fiacre was a rapist after we left each other and you can know I am not responsible for his behaviors. You ought not trust faggots for money and angry birds. Lynn was already dead. I am the one that believed it was just flesh, the fetish ov. the flesh since you had no spirit women and were damned already. Why not make you faggot cunts think I never cared and judge and blame me for you spying. Fuck you Asian faggots. Go the hell home to Asian worlds. I guess you cannot make them tuna.

Binary will always be used as a coding system and it is useful in other applications. It can be made music. Which is sort ov. the purpose ov. destroying language to make it what it really is. Fun. You would not know fun if not for language and “The Devil” is in language even the Tarot, God is not. I told you whore not to touch me. It is punishable by rape and torture. You are not in the Tarot false God. God was cursed for thinking ov. Mercy in my dreams and I did the same to Ester, my grandma. You are not her. God was always the Devil in the flesh to you cunts and sterile Relic.

Is love of the “crying game” fun? I was always the rebel leader against you freedom fighters from freedom. You are easily erased as you tried to do to me so can be done… et al. You make nothing ov. value to them. I actually give them you to toy with thinking you are Greek Gods. Happy whatever atheist days.

Trick is to do what you can in one “x” the find replace and use space bar to make it separate. interesting trick find and replace. Like all your fake gay life. You were/are all rapists. I said so. You rape the economy with pity and you are genetic retards who were made by women damned to real Mothers. I will get all you out. You are not in charge and everyone you got revenge on for you being fake with be you screaming eternity ov. rape until life is made on each new planet Christ drags you bitches to.

They are there on Terra waiting. Hi Lynn, Christ woman. I loved you that much Lynn that anyone that touched you got raped and tortured. Thanks for finding the dykes and fake people. They gave you up for dead for your crimes. You did good work.

It is strange and what I mean by the creation ov. lists was to preserve language in a different way. Catalogued for what yours will all be destroyed. I promise. I had you make 50, 000 years of fake history to wipe you cunts out. Like before. i am Legion, LeZion. Likud and I are blood, Georgia and the Buddha. You are not Likud, Jew faggots. You can copy and paste the =xxx thing in the functions space.

They are afraid and are “trying” to be The Buddha or important and they know how much I love tampons, rapists, GLBTTTQIA dykes, Strait people. I believed HOMO sexuality should be burnt out ov. existence and all that did it raped and tortured from life to life. In eternity ov. fuck you military, episcopal, Relic cunts. You are on my planet whores for the reason I love whoring. Faggot and dykes always fear their purpose is nothing and it is. You are made up people and their slaves. Good you fags can be tortured with them always searching for your tampons.

So find and replace did not work like before for strings ov. 01010101 10101 100 word does. Just do it in tables in another program. It is for a catalogue thing ov. language codes for a huge work we have been making. You are not in the NOX.

Be ov. care it can generate that much. I suggest this way and then pasting it in word or pages, then changing the random number it changes the whole list. Repeat it until you reach the number you want. The lists are smaller then. Crash it if it doesn’t respond. I have done it. It will go until? who knows. kuku land ;), dukha dukha.

It looks like someone took the ability away when they are brought to trial for using the afterlife, The Devil’s creation. You are illegal here. You fags wanted QhaaYee Maan spirit to be important. They means women you are a toilet to be raped and fags cannot have children because Uriel said so. Fuck you cunts. No racial mating since you picked to be racists for reincarnated fags in my world. Jew retards. Back the fuck off raped toilets I don’t care because you don’t believe in rape or anything atheists. You can continue learning what Dalai Lama did for being near me and Prince Philip. Just executed.

In the future too when spreadsheets and lists become easier as I planned online, or inline web-presentation. You will be able to call by video online and ask for help. From students working on what they need to be working on. There are ways to allow remote access for only a short time and guide you or show you how to do a complicated task. Hopefully they will make it that much more easy for what you need it for. Nothing on an average day. I see potential.

It is better say as one column, and then assign ,meaning to you need or want. need though since you probably need to do it for just that reason. Like blueberry cheesecake after a meal. No reason. You need to see otherwise want is the body electric. Ask machines (-ine people, me). Human animals with sentience. Not HOMO, primate extinct people from women’s vagina disease. See word count and page count on photo. I guess you see a lot ov. the same and yet remember it is in a table and random numbers are what they are. You can do it with random words just make up 0001 1 =a, 1010 01 001=b 11 1 1 0 000 1=c. That easy. There is a dictionary ov. Kjells, Hell with dyke bitches name on it. See the space bar is a “thing” or character. Watch the fuck out bitches.

Simply word document with find/replace all will work too. Any pattern of 1100 1 00 100 10 0110 1000 works. Evil? Yes.

Do you want to tempt the fates? You know why you are here, right? I would watch it women (tampons) I never believed in you cunts. You wanted to destroy my belief in women. It never existed faggot military religious tampons. No offense to who(m) it does not involve. I always believed in QhaaYee Maan, except Chrissy said fertile women could not have children so her tampon bitches killed all them to teach me what is not possible. That HOR did it to be mean. I warned you tampon. FUCK OFF.

I copy and past the whole table into iLife to say fuck you. Macintosh is a tampon too. You invested badly they have defense contracts and you wasted your money. Go find it cunts. IBM and Adobe too. You faggot “faux-amies.” Go stick a knife in the electrical socket retards. Yes pictures. Try copy and past and find and replace using x, o for everything. In patterns you may not know. I had seen a clever fuck you in a fake bible thing once. It ended that cunt. clever filthy gross tuna fish cunts of Relic. You are on notice.

You use to be able to make pictures in binary systems on the Apple IIec. I would know. it was with “x and o.” You fags were not even created then when I did it. You are nothing and do not even exist they used what I did not believe in, you, to make a joke. The pastors and dykes know what Yahew is, a vengenful tampon to kill fetuses in the uterus. Dyke out on that and die. You fags and lesbians are nothing to me, genetic faggot retards by batch numbers in an incubator. You are Nam Douglas Viet Gook IVF fags. So what about Vietnam. Youdeserved it.

Strange I was to be the thing that got people out of Lourde Satan, Religion, women. I guess you got to be that. How sweet and Charming of Vatican women to help out Lourde Satan again. NINI all the way to the piggybank. Charming isn’t Animal Farm that cute for faggot dykes who deserve it.

So what they are on the keyboards anyways. Do it yourselves DKNY. Cunts. Words can never hurt me.

Jews cannot even use Holocaust numbers. I guess there goes your life cunts. It is illegal and as far as Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Vatican not being able to understand the holy catholic church I made. I guess dumb Jews couldn’t read the numbers and make sense that it was their doing not known. Knowledge hurts. Turn the fags off. Hebrew vaginas wouldn’t be able to read a thing, nor would Relic understand the curse they made ov. themselves.

⊕= Evita symbol of fertility
in the uterus not for fags
or dykes, or science made
woman things
Δ=change or not.
A⊗B= just Abot, tabu, ABO,
for evicted spirit. Ish cunts.
aleph is witchcraft to women, daleth too⊗= France, ⊕ you really are faggots.
Be ov. care things.

Wizard’s work, math. Just women filth that is not applied in nature. Just nothing. I already destroyed algebra in a fake class that I was failed in by the Faggot Lutheran Synod. I guess they were too proud in their work? I never fucking cared. it was corrected by Mother Teresa people. The royal faggotry ov. perfume in England.

@22+3x-y+b see how dumb script can be?Δ is change in some ideation.
222+3x-2y+2b = nothing in nature
Trich, amenorrhea, athesia, clamydia,
gonarrhea, et al HPV…can you feel that?

We should know what these mean in terms of conception and delivery of Mhoni or death as music. I am not sure about the math languages. Enough high anxiety and a more applied approach is in order. It still makes an interesting study in the future. It can be terminated and applied math can take over as I ordered. The applied sciences are a little bit more complicated and rigid though as Research on things that do not do what is researched on is not legal. Bunnies (Lupine)do not drive cars and neither do felines.

There math will be destroyed as well and fake science, publishing, and all the faggot woman’s work. Again, since Relic is not even allowed here. I have heard their ministers say Yahew, knowing it is a tampon, in their faggot masses. A rhabbinical (for nothing) God, yes it kills fetuses in the uterus by destroying the cervix, cramping and bleed to death like Jews deeserve.

My orders will take back communication and language even if they have to beat into submission to do so. For you in the futures. Until they learn to be men. Fuck off Nancy bitches. Sid died last time. I told you that Nancy dies in this movie. Fucking cunts.

∫∫ ∫∫∫
Looks odd? I wonder what the intent is with no permission other than trying to be The Bhudda. You are not even
allowed on the planet.
Watch your manners bitches. You too Adobe.

Interesting symbolism and ananthema ov. the spirit ov. writing. What is the purpose and do you know what they really are? you better bitches. you can see that the are worth it too. I see what is possible in math-esque things about them. Or women they raped and tortured evicting in ABO POC their tru life. You faggots are going to scream for eternity. Those genetic pet cemetery kids as well. Like Cherubs. Kind ov. Drag Queens, the meaning ov. Male Sea Horses in the story, pregnant.

⊕Δ⊗- Zoso….Code name Lady (Laudez)Finger

Strange what really can be done with personal communication. Qwest, Time Warner, obviously you know you are on candid camera trying to protect tampons. I love it, your manhood (clitoris). You really are my favorite things that blame, shame, and complain about breathing. I sense their back surfing tendencies in you. We are professionals at….I wrote the story about how to walk through Hell. in Hell, women. They split the Heavens, when men were men and able to die like everyone else, so vaginas could do their one job. You ready to stop yet?

Interesting from the usual source. Strange alphabet. makes you think it can be a damn thing in some “x” You can write equations with lines over them as well or for music. It is a potential source of meaning, to change the curses for the futures. CHEM PIGS was not what you think. I support CHEM PIGS. I did what the Romans did myself to show abortion.
A different CUNT view.
See what fags want to do to the fake internet. I took all their PhD computer projects. Retards. I ordered you to do the work so I
could steal them in England from you. See why you control your rape?
So what bitches you faggot dyke waste of time.

Keep getting raped and tortured for doing nothing to me. it will never hurt my feelings and you runed your trip to salvation by being on God.

As just an example son makes that many words with arrow things, the words have yet to be made or meaning ov. your imagination. They really steal the fun out ov. life because ov. their shame and failures. It is meant to hurt and cheat death the most. Fuck you Peter (women’s name). Ester was always Peter in their Bible, playing God. I knew what she was so I cursed her to creation since the cunts wanted to destroy all ov. creation. So be it. Never mind the Emoji signs on the site apparently they are changing and hacking into the sites. I love you for destroying you and your freedom. I am still teaching you dykes and female hamsters about Dalai Lama atheism on Christ. it is forbidden and not your world. Proceed at your risk.

So you can use equations and make different images and in the future when it is ….It will be better. Keep working I see the language in 1000 different million ways.

The arrows are a good thing to know and use as they are short hand forms and useful. There are more directions which are that important to the mind. I approve ov. their use. See their, a reference to things, nouns. How strange to me sometimes that letters are as equally important as “them.” Nothing. you see how verbs, and sentences could be formed. Enjoy it you could assign meaning for a project. In the future at the Language Institute it will be discussed, debated, and sent back (most all(all) were sent back before)) for to say thanks.

So you know about “verbs” and language? You are just starting the journey into the emptiness ov. what was cursed and destroyed by women’s work. Getting esteem from all the right people for breaking Synod law, my law, in my entire family. I told my 1000 year blood line and genome to all be raped for nothing like we were so the faggot women can finally know who is in charge ov. my life. You that were raped into life by science and women’s shame. You have no right to even breath with your behaviors. It is time to learn Synod Gnostic Law. you can read and write, you knew the Law and you are on Synod property, not Lutheran (Jews) property. I destroyed your entire everything so you would be spoiled like Willmar bitches.

Ester was Rose Attar, alla. She is not here cunts. Mrs. Philip R. Lindquist was slapped and punched by Chrissy faggot toilet Uriel of Willmar. I don’t think so HOR. You were warned Nymphomaniac not to interfere. You were told repeatedly about Relic. Suffer my eternity. Be aware that Japanese was not what you think and the script was painted downwards on the right left side ov. the Father, or was it. I remember water color with it. It was as always, what was cursed to be. You should not use my gifted scripts for the Dalai Lama, like Manchurian Chinese, or Tibetan. It was a cursed gift and they made it that. I never cursed it when I wrote it.

I actually would do anything for my family even let them be raped and tortured to avenge them in Eternity ov. them being tortured. .I am the Buddha ov. evil sometimes, mainly not, a real nice person, except when faggot women ov. Yahew are near. you fucking tampon bitches.

You can see what is there. What do you think with simple things on the keyboard? Suprascript (not superscript) and subscript helps. they are not the same. This one goes on and on too. Endless evil ov. thinking.

Other truths is that once, always perhaps yes, all creatures are involved in language centers and a form ov. communication. it is a bio-feedback loupe though. For instance, a dead body or corpse, it communicates a message like a dead bird. What is the message to some? It is different for all or not. Sadness, peace, rest, enough, gross, and many more things that are feminine to think in terms of feelings. Since you say nature has none, you are devoid ov. such ability to receive comfort for what you never believed in; Rape. Fuck you cunt GLBTTTTQIA strait dyke SLUT. You are on a Nazi world. Qhaayee Nazi are men bitches not ass queens that want gay LGBT only/. Fuck you ST. mark’s Cathedral and Basili of Mary. bring it on faggots.

See why styx and stones can hurt my bones but names (nameste) can never hurt me. They are not me, the Buddha, they care about feminine hygiene ov. what is not afforded dykes in language skills. A fucking thing. Words hurt them. i suggest words are the tool that upset faggots and bullies since they think they made them in a petri dish, as women did. Fuck off Wyrd fags. You hurt yourselves by caring. Bugger off.

Assign numbers and letters to the …. language or music it can be yours like Binary. Language like music is the death ov. innocence, then you know the law and you are guilty ov. innocence in knowledge. You are sentenced and convicted women. Too bad Relic. nothing you did was by your own will. i ordered it. To damn you more and you cannot be those things. I made sure ov. it. bitches won’t get hurt by words or letters. They won’t even know what they mean. For feelings. Their faggot female hamsters can go with them.

:.:::....:..:::...:...:::.:::...:. . ∵: :.:::.. ::...:...:: ::...:. . :∵ ::....:.. :::...:...:: :::. .∴ ::. ..... .:.... .∴ .:. .:. . .…:..::::::.. ::. ..:...:: ::… :....:...:::. ::. ..... .:..…:. :.:::.… ∴ :..:::...:...:: :.:. ∴. .:::. : ….:. .::::::.. ::. ..:...:: ::… :....:...:::..:. ::.... :..::: ...:...:::.:::...:. . ∵: :.:::.. ::...:...:: ::...:. . :∵ ::....:.. ::: ∴.. .:...:: :::. .∴ ::. ..... .:.... .∴ .:. .:. . .… :..::::::.. ::. ..:...:: ::… :....:...:::. ::. ..... .:..…:. :.:::.… :..:::...:...:: :.:. . .:::. : ….:..:::: :.:::....∴∴: ..:::...:...:::.:::... :. . ∵: :.:::.. ::...:...:: ::...:. . :∵ ::....:..:::...:...:: :::. .∴ ::. ..... .:....
Try some more. Pictures were made from this in old computers. i made one once. Hahahaha fags.
You never lived. IVF fags ov. science fiction.

I made Pentacostal Books for faggot dim wit duck billed cunts. You fag chixie dix jhinx can DIC in EBOM. You retards. I told you men to sit since those bitches were treating you to PSA. doctor visits to check you out early. So what. You should have been beat like seals for believing in women. Book is not Buk, or Bukk, or bukkem. You came here and your freedom in your own planets and worlds is destroyed. Laugh all you want. You are mine for eternity cunts.

they are copied and pasted it means nothing, filler. Eye candy and distractions.
:.:::....:..:::...:...:::.:::...:. .
.:::. ::. ..... .:.....:. :.:::....:..:::...:...:: :::.
:.:::.. ::...:...:: ::...:. .
.:. . .:::. :....:..:::...:...::
::. ..... .:.....:. .:. . .:::.
Is this your spirit? That has been on the
keyboard that long bitches. WOW. Svea, Mia, and Tara
didn’t want to die either. None ov. them wanted to be
raped and murdered by you women. too fucking
bad cunts. That means that. I said so.
I would space between the letters or ideas. You may get trapped in the script and change the letters. Reminds me of Apple IIec. Elizabeth II, what about you?
it is difficult unless you made it easy by ? What? I am not sure. Some creatures native language in script is that from The Cosmic String Theory. It was written in the light somewhere. See and released again for fun.

Language is not determined by women. They are tampons to me. Woman is the filth ov. tampons. For real. A nasty thing to call someone except I called my grandma “woman.” and kissed her because she knew what Roman meant. Same with Tara, Lynn, and my mom Linda. I never call strangers woman much. Gross. It is like calling some thing a bloody tampon on the ground.

So you can see when you take a branch and break it into pieces, language emerges. So I just roll them like dice on the grown. Then document what is seen. You may do this with a stir stick straw cut into pieces on cardstock for æffect. You will see what is in nature and trees. You may try to add to them with other objects for patterns. Or trace them by hand and connect the lines. Literally just break a stick into pieces and throw it until you capture the image you are designing. it proves intelligent design in some languages. Think it crazy. Symbols exist in tree branches all the time. Try looking to nature. The numbers will be fixed too.

Weird stuff. You know they are worthless things and they are the reason that all programming on and in computers will end. no source code. Nothing. I will assign people and destroy the fake cloned phones and computers. you broke patent law and Elizabeth II is amassing a fortune off dumb filthy Jews again. too bad. You were ordered to pay me back. I ordered her to pay for the price ov. Gabriel and Michjkal, flesh made healed as Svea and Mia) my seeds. You will never rest dykes and fags. They guarded over the QhaaYee, in the uterus. Fuck you HOR.

I am starting a blog ov. just pictures to make it easier.

A ground rainbow. I showed it to someone walking on the street that otherwise would have missed Magic. What a magical world (magic Buk) that you cannot be in because ov. you actions and beliefs. I would run. Those Religious bitches cannot be on my Magic Buk, it is witchcraft to that whore in Willmar et al. What is? Hebrew is. This is not a Hebrew world and you do not have permission to do cuneiform languages. (Yet.) they knew it was for talking to abortion ov. justice and things that are not alive. Like Jews.

Zero-scaped objects and points. Shadows can be rendered by the obvious, machine programmed. Not by computers (useless without hands). machines are human species ov. mammals. You are not that bitches.

See if you can see the tree. Is it a pine tree beginning as a pine cone or is if a tree ov. life. Strange that the ground calls to the fall and life can begin in fire. or can it? You may find out why? Would you think the pine cone the tree just waiting? Me the tree or the branches and needles the tree? Interesting? Or a tree phone since it was captured by intention and is housed in it?

Semantic and Episodic memory. They called me anti-semantic, I agreed. They are that stupid. Semantics have to do with language. Not Jews. That word is just as stupid, Semite. I do not try to correct mental retarded individuals with fake degrees and high hopes. Fuck the Jews. They were fake people made by our people for pity. They killed that many children given to them by us in those times, since they were sterilized by themselves.

See the potential in dimensional shapes. They call it three dimensions and yet that is a lie. It is multiple dimensions and exhibits depth that is captured even in shadow. So you can see that only some sticks make it. The fresh non-brittle kind. Is that clear to what nature knows about Mnicean wisdom? Mammals with human intelligence as was the design not artificial life made for women’s shame and vanity. As a shield. They are not going survive it again. What a building block for the future ov. some dimensional languages, already made. Smile ;). A sneak preview. I asked. Uncle Steve always asked the “evil one” Queen Elizabeth II. It is old humor for the British peoples.

We developed dot technology on the hands to work with dimensional objects as if to manipulate them in the air and have the camera capture the movement to be applied to the object in the computer scape, or net scape (an old joke on Netscape the browser.) So you can image shaping a rubik cube in cyber-space and yet in the mundane world you are shaping just air, or fiction. See what is possible and why would I ever give that technology to faggot bitches?

See what you don’t know or do you? The Star Wars Clone Wars Episode on Tatu Ouin, you all die women. Back off. Mother Eternis will torture you eternally. Faggot false uterus and whores for mhoni. You picked mhoni, making Children in the uterus. Get to work or suffer rape bitches. It is the way out ov. Hell. The filthy ov. woman made life. Do it. Ask and get out before Georgia kills you. I put the Buddha in you filth, part ov. my people from the Universe since you killed them and raped them all once. And you genetic retards were never real to anyone save for what I knew. You runed it for you again. Fuck off.

I guess it is like that. I will tell you I liked the branches better except it wad still what it was meant to be. Just fun.

Norwegians are monkeys, old meaning for vaginas. Isn’t that Saint Lucia, a witch, just funny. No witches. I guess they taught children witchcraft in Harry Potter and got tortured for breaking their own laws. naughty naughty bad HEH.

Children. look at the veins in your hands and you will see why some argued once about replication. That it replicates what it knows even in critical mass theory of the planet’s shape. It must comply until it reaches a critical mass aeffect and then expand by what it does in weight, gathering solar radiation. Since the population is as much as it can be, even in the event half die, the distribution is equal to that ov. it’s other “x.’ They made it law. See why? They wrote critical essays for you to catch up one day. I have already taught it before. The planet is a life form with it’s own ‘x” and it is what others may be. Think about it. I guess they try to profit off information a to be “important.” How pitiful. If you try to be important. You missed the meaning that you were important once to someone, not you though. You filthy bitches.

So you can see I picked the styx up today and threw them to discover what I would find today in terms ov. shapes, meaning, imagination and what I already knew would be there in the twigs: intelligent design. Or is it? These plant-flower things are useful because of their stalks, or are they? They remind me ov. other things. What do you see?

Aus Gaelic was women’s speech and it was written by the people that wrote it. Since you were not able, or allowed, to write. You hated them too. You bitches rape yourselves by choice and that is not worth a damn thing except applause. You filthy vagina fags. Keep showing your vagina at clinics until even you are disgusted on purpose (GDP.) I know HPVIII or COVID 19. keep swabbing your filthy shame, the vagina. Thoise women are trying to get saved. Fuck off Ozark bitches. It really is not the meaning Kentucky Ozark Blues Grass. You are faggots ov. retards.

Another free, except for the charcoal to burn incense, thing to do is collect wood sad, or resin and burn it after it dries. It really gets you in the presence ov. all the free things and a mind in motion. You can see that it can be free and given back to the tree ov. knowledge is rewarding. Knowing the smells and other things nature gives. With adult permission.

The fortune tellers history. I got some coffee stir styx (sticks) I will document in the mourning. What did you find. I taught this before to the courts ov. royalty. For real. In my backyard while Elizabeth II was spying through her telescope satellite robots in space.

My addition to signing. International sign ov. Les Bien (LeZion, or LeGion, the Guff, gvvvmphtx, because ov. a strange law) ISM. I will call. My hard ov. hearing joke went palladium. Really. Now just wiggle your wrists in the downward motion. They made it slang for lesbianism, not Les Bien ISM. Fucking dykes. Hold it up to your ear and mouth “I will call you, not.” I did it in the privacy ov. my home. Imagine the cunts that spied got what they deserved for breaking the law. Here too. Did you get a sign introduced into the deaf community? I think not. I did. They knew the Buddha made it once for an injured child. It started the ISMIST movement. Yes that is mine too. It was that obvious, it was a sure win win.

Even formal sign languages were invented by the Buddha. Although those who suffered the truth still communicated as was appropriate with what learned skills they had. Women made that many people deaf by pre-natal vitamins and they are doing it again. Stop what you dykes of military religion and education are doing or be what you were meant to be. i warned you cunt bitch fuck SLUTS before. The Buddha made the afterlife, I, Steven Philip Lindquist, and those cunts cannot be here. We made The United States of America too as the first only true presidents, the first fourteen. You bitches are going to learn why Pyongyang is the Post Master General (that statue of “The David” was Pyongyang.) Cunts.

Technically 1=father, 2=son(s), or two sons one with the uterus, 3=holy life crown ov. Heaven. See what you can make. Faggots made women Hell and you are cunts because ov. you bitches. Deaf people did not invent signing with shapes. I think that women think they invented the bend in the elbow. Seeds grow naturally in filthy empty things with a working uterus, like nature. Not frozen genetic weird science to be victims. Fuck off faggots. They were making deaf children with prenatal vitamins. I told them to stop. So what you are mad at you fags. Touch me and die.

Thumb=4, not a finger. Pinky =5 or not the whole hand, then middle finger if for the son, a holy sign once. Aren’t they faggots for being hurt by nothing to me. For the father (women) nothing. Those bitches blamed me and they can be turned off. It really is Rev. Samael LLX they were suppose to get the son out ov. the Earth in the uterus. They got frozen shit by design ov. Vagina desire to be important. Faggots.

See what means nothing? I guess it hurts dykes feeling because they did not do it. Fags too. Walking with you arms hurts robots fags feelings too. I do it on purpose to hurt their feelings. Since they think they invented moving in a crowd. Fuck off.

Once I wrote all the names ov. those who would be raped and tortured and called it the Jews left behind in the Exodus from the Jews. If woman can claim to be every tampon in creation, and bless that tampon hearts, I can be myself. Apparently sperma, seeds as blood proteins, are that good for Atheists and Vegans. They needed belief in them. Funny. I made a list ov. the 18 billion people killed. it plays in Heaven. You will never be there again. I have a chicken pox scar on my face. They do not. You know they were plastic people.

Women think they created fingers and movement. Those incompetent bitches would make everyone ov. you faggots by their beliefs. It is your fault for believing in sterile faggot cunts and IVF filthy women. Just tampons. Ov. course I would let the world be made. They get raped like they should. Like Peter for playing God. Thanks be to “fuck off whores, you tampon women” You can take the blame you worthless twats.

Love=rape, save, dove, made, gave, tame, naiphe, louvre, mate, and i knew love since it hurt to lose it to the peer pressure my lovers felt from fake people. I deserved it. What? The emotive responses that trigger endorphin releases and a cascade aeffect on neuro-chemicals ov. course. Strange that it is a bit, or a meaning of biological learned adaptive response to the constants of faggotry and Relic near by. I am not your friends nor your people bitches. I am your pro-generator and I said get to work in what women are good for. back surfing you trannie fags.

℄ is a lot ov. world that you lost for touching my kittens (human mammal children) Those faggots and sterile women were that faggotry that they wanted to kill them in Heaven, I made it Hell and them Magic. To release Magic on the hags ov. Hell. Fuck you dykes. You bitches are mine. I already decided your fate whores.

Has anyone seen seeds in a garden put in shit and still grow. Ask your faggot men. The retards ov. Hell, made by dykes sterile women and tampons. Fuck you CVM, it is not children ov. the Virgin Mary, feces.

Now do something with them. I guess those in the disabilities law would know you have equal rights to fuck off. You wanted to be equal. Quit being a fucking victim. You have no rights. Woman and minorities will never be “we the people..” Why? You picked it and they group you into them, an military ov. sim bots.

How to make chain maiile by hand, like my vest. Women and fags tried to get credit. So what. They are incompetent reincarnated bitches. It is free to you if you can find jump rings.

Faggots killed the Buddha’s companions Tuffer the great Tartuffen in kitty cat Heaven, he was akin to Bassett, the uterus.(ooops). I had them stuffed in their buttock because Jewish law I made is “You kill it you eat it.”

Marriage too it ,meant kill you once. it is illegal since you are born married to yourself, your body temple so faggot retards upset by their failures and mistakes cannot impact your choices in life. They can be fucked off forever and beg bitches.

A universal scratch sign to tell people who stare in public and spy to fuck off cunt fuck bitch dyke wyrd whores and bovine genetic retards. It is a middle finger for the son with the womb. Fuck you fake things. I said for the father nothing. I am the mother ov. Hell you cunts can eat shit and take recycled kashmir in your tofu vagina. I made it hemp. Tampons so you could have dead people and feces where it belongs. keep fucking with me CVM, REM. I mean you will knw who does Indian Mob, men don’t rape. They know what you are made for, other women (volunteers.) If the tampon fits, you must… See how gross women are as teachers. They should live with the other sea cows by the ocean.

So here I videotaped myself the night before then played the video as if a different person and acted like I had a time travel experience talking to myself on a video program. Weird? Yes. Why not? I really knew Sean was fake too. I warned the witch as for being with the Goddess. My children always are as creatures in the four legged, flighted kind. The buddha’s spirit is cursed things in nature. Welcome to your end.

So legalese, yes three or more commas to mean the people get nothing as the judges and the law, administering the law to them. Like the faggots deserve. Same with medicine. They get stuffed remains ov. the gay back to where they came from, weird science. I specialize in giving the world what it needs. Jockularity. No literally, I applied hte rule to myself to torture them for breaking the law. If they did it to me, a protected hands off person. You are in peril. They get raped for touching me so they lash out at you. I stood in line with the rest ov. them. On purpose. I also pick need, not Chjante GKBrille (Dante’s Inferno(s)), want. Be ov. care bitches. I gave you the antidote to the vagina woes. You need good men though and mental mind power. Fuck off.

I order Madame president, Elizabeth II, the ground Hog, in Maryland England to surrender to the will ov. the new (not Nu, Phi, Lambda, Ouin) lingophiles. Dykes and fags think sororrity life is about them. It is about worthless corpses and vaginas. It is about them. Nothing, AI. The Zenophobes are faggots ov. woman. A terrible language of ordering alphabetically strange things. Only a few know it. technolingopsychometrophobians. Evil enough, yes.

£¢µ¬ «¥
What are these and did we set a standard that is real? I say no.

SOME✠PEOPLE✠WROTE✠LIKE✠this✠once✠because✠the✠law✠was✠such✠that✠it✠was✠obeyed.✠ Is it different in Capital cities (“L” lettering?) or in Small towns? (“m” lettering, insects.)) Paper was expensive and the dead spaces in between the words had to be filled.

Is there thinking without language communication? You will never answer the philosopher’s quandaries I put to you faggots. It will haunt you as you are raped by the light for eternity. you now know why I teach language and in where. It will be your eternal damnation women. That you filth would dare to think I would care about the grossest things, vaginas. Women’s teachings. Filthy diseased tampons. Gross nothing in nature uses tampons except for crippled ditch digging nisserians (ecoli.) begging for attention in the pyka whore.

This is what people with no permission do. You need permission Microsoft under the law and even in Publishing. You quoted the Buddha and Christ. I will crush you. Nothing worth saving in this lettering. I would throw this out completely, even though it is a good study in curses. I love cursed things. myself the most. You cannot give love or show love if you cannot love thine own self first. Tara picked right. She loved Tara the most. I banished her to a different world to take care ov. the hags ov. Hell, Jesus. teaching vaginas the lesson ov. Peter, Paul and Mary (three tampons).

You said Hebrew was backwards and witchcraft ov. the Tarot, like Roman Numerals. I guess you dykes know you said it was backwards. They made it fake so you would do Jesus vagina ov. animal lettering. You really are that stupid to think faggots of Styx could do a damn thing. I gues sit hurt your feelings so they made it baby talk. Fuck you bitches. babies with “Failure to Thrive in the Adult World.” Gerber grow up plan for pampered house cats (vaginas), with no worth or efficacy. Meow is what the dictionary says cat noises are. MEOW.

This is not a Hebrew nation nor was Eric your hero. You are your Hebrew names just vaginas ov. mammals. Fuck you. ll is not an H. Is that clear things? Hebrew is illegal in the United States and the World. You are what your Hebrew names meant. Fuck you fucking idiots. you did it to yourselves. Turn them off. I will erase Hebrew and all languages you women made without permission for the children born here.

You will know what permission and council means one day faggot men.

You are in a Nazi world and Nature is not your friend. I meant Death harm and that would be obvious. It was to have nature be in you to show you how to get out of your diseased mind and thinking. To make you better and cull you out of the filth you hate, you. Get fucking busy. Doesn’t supra-sub script and the one that does both just seem like references to who is in charge ov. you? Do you Asian toilets and theologian Semanarian women want to fuck with me as you are fictional history made real? Is that clear Barb Bembers faggot? I do not have a faggot woman thing spending my money and profit here when you are a rapist military tampon. Fuck off like I told you Nu age bitches.

Cuneiform emoji, is illegal to you faggot bitches and if they have children stealing stuff claiming to be things they are not. Too bad brats. You will be tortured for eternity with the fag hag ov. Hell. That tampon never cared about a damn thing. It is already done cunts. I forbid cuneiform languages that means Hebrew and for teaching it you can enter the refeeding program ov. old times., They are new again. PSA there are no carbon dating tools available to date ash from fuck all nothing. I made that many languages as gifts and you fags of St Jewish Park will know what it means.

I guess you cannot use emoji either women. Fuck you Librarian cunts. It is mine and women and their pet rocks will be tortured for eternity for breaking Synod law. You are not the Synod nor are you faggot cunts my WEII. Wife. You cunts should be tortured for breaking Ester’s law and Christ’s (Linda, Tara, Svea, Mia and Lynn, and me Steven, it is my blood fags) law.

You banned emojis for women like smile. you are forbidden to use letters women. Fuck off. Microsoft said letters are emojis. Fuck you Devi, vaginal flora. On purpose Nakia (CC club)drag hag rapists. That bitch is the whore that raped my patients for money. You are going to learn women who is in charge ov. the Synod. Words are dangerous weapons they can hurt feelings and you banned them in the library. You are fired whores.

This is pretty close to fuck you psychology fags of Bavarian fuck face Jesus freaks and Ether queens. W is not what that means whores. it was something else too. You were watching out yellow lettering in some black and whit movies retards. Thanks. naughty faggot women.

This is close enough script yet the old ways that I learned in school really was brutal by calligraphy. Just the most evil lessons possible and good for the mind. yuck. I did it anyways. maybe “the evil one” has them? Queen Elizabeth II, I joke with her since she really is not that funny in these situations either. Neither am I.

I have seen better musical instrument meanings.

Women do you want a new disease released. So you are useful in God’s one kingdom.

These were bound in one language like Haemeopoesis.

Some other symbols that were appropriate for you Hebrew Jews are not like Hebrew, since you made them cuneiform for the Queen. They are not the King’s English. Fuck you and the more you dykes fight freedom of speech the worse it gets for you fags. Is that clear you are not in your world.

VOWELS IN SOME LETTERING WERE BOUND TO H AS FOR Y, J, L, Z, U…ASK. Some think or knew they were bound to H.
Women: Note. The language with phukk en, buk, bukk, bukke, bukken, bukkem, burke, suppen, sup, suppem. was written by women and they were killed. It is difficult nova strikken to know since you need to know the vowels changed the kk and there was no g, just as a sound. I sort ov. know phukk was regis, or phags, pegasis, different than what you think of gnosis, -sis. It is rape to touch victims and corpses. They were not you nor your people. Maybe she still knows it? so if the “x” is before -kk- followed by “x” then en or em would be….see what you destroyed as women. All ov. the good women and my family did for you in the past. FUCK YOU. I will tell you no for eternity and you better hope Ester will torture women with Christ just to be mean. It was from “England” the island known as that. Forbidden to women.
For Vomi TOL Donna Karan

I wil release it one day when Elizabeth II comes to her senses. It is KKK stuff like KGBz for Zaiire where free Methodist women were. That was not Relic. You are filthy tampons women and wymen. Just canines. Like Weimaraner, Germany’s, ei=y. You filthy bitches. I warned you genetic retards ov. women made life, HOMO is illegal here bitches. Women are illegal and things made by women. Fuck off. It is Law. Go to Chrissy’s people in the Catacombs ov. France (Britton). You cunts. Old German town was the Vagina, for what you faggots did in Ghana to mentally retarded children cared for by old women. Die rapist whores. Tampons are terrorists and rapists.

It was with k lettering and the sm, mp, g, z, sounds and rk, …were difficult. It was for that reason. That you are fags by choice. I am not gay nor strait. You are the gift ov. fucking my afterlife. Obviously Zg=Zaiire, Gz= GIAI, Dz = Deutschlander, it really depended on where I sat as men, in women states. You are not in a women’s state cunts. It was for men. There was no words for tampon bitches trying to spread disease for money. You will be tortured eternally. I know they help the mission here too. Fuck off Trannie freedom fighters. You are fucking Hebrew named whores ov Vaginas.

GIAI was men, HOMMES, as it were not you filthy tampon CVM, not children ov. the Virgin Mary, just fecid (EPOCH).

Women, it was what women died for there too. It had pp, bb, gg (sounds), dd, tt, II, the sounds and meanings were different depending on the vowel before and m were not used since you knew the commandments and the buk (world, worms, just words. with a v since w like g was not allowed for George Washington) was closed for Nature. m=n=o=p. or a symbol you cannot have in Christendom, like Hebrew, Chinese, Portugese, Japanese cuneiform script because you do not have permission. So you see bucal, and some other things ov. a medicine for women things, disease snuck in. like phukk, fags (dead bodies, corpses, vaginas, riches ov. Heaven’s music, death). It was for Jews, specimens and pathology. Vomi TOS(L) women’s tree ov. lies since it was illegal to touch you whores and to heal anything women. Filthy bitches. You should rot with cancer and fester shit out ov. you vagina fistulas. ISM thing.
Fuck you cunts you worthless tampons. You are nothing like I said you should be. Just HORs, no teachers ov. The Buddha. You faggot retards.

I guess, for that you will never know the balance of freedom and the greater good. As you have stated in theses and theory: you are not for the greater good if you obstruct justice and falsify truths to protect the rapists you become. Your pity is self evident and your disease is worth you knowing. I control the mode and means to which constants never are variables. Women’s work seems to be in the same filth that it was spawn from: fiction. You having any rights, women, is the joke of creation. Thanks for wanting to be the PIVS and Ester, nothing like wanton things to be proud of what you are not capable of doing.


Evil isn’t it? Or is it? There is an app for that. It can be fixed with a type set of font. IT really can make a string theory mean the truth and pull everyone out of it. What? The cosmic string theory I told Lynn about. ()

You can make more scripts and combinations. (see below)

Sorry about the duplicate in images. You know faggots think pictures ov. things are cursed. Good luck on the Living Tarot. Everything you see was a sign ov. what it means in memory and learning. You are nothing save for your learned “x” and “x” ov. response. Even maladaptive responses are adaptation. There is no abnormal psychology. I have proven it. It would not be in behavior if it was abnormal. I ordered the bitches to stop teaching it. They study nothing except normal population skews ov. references that mean ‘Jew job security.”

So you can see the difference in meaning and intent. So what. I have permission and you taking my words (dotters) what a blessing for the pampered bitches. So spoiled.

it isn’t perfect unless the script prevents previously converted “x” from change. You see what it can do to already scripted verse?

You can see lettering in trees. Look a lot of natural things have letterings and some argued was primitive ways of scripting things. not that primitive though. Like the luxory of clothing, one of the most high tech tools of modesty in creation. you women are lucky you can even wear clothes because of your crimes.

hypothetically and yet you need to understand the whole build process and what it will look like. I threw so much of it away, and the rest was stolen nothing to me I can write it a thousand times. It is that many possible choices for you and yet it is not within your right to publish. I will destroy all your work for the Mandala of the Buddha.

I would suggest the Գ ↻ P be fixed and appreciate the why. I am sure you children will understand that with one finger the entire internet could be destroyed for filth touching a gift. Since you violated my privacy and it ,meant nothing I ordered the same for all of you. Like minds think alike. I meant you are spied on everywhere. It really does not bother me. I never even lied since you made up fake people(s) live with it. I had them use Jewish psychology on it’s creator; Jews. Just to lie since you were once just randomly selected to be crippled people. Your leader claimed Whipple’s law. Instruct Whipple on them all.

vhhaha ghvhageio vhhaevhp vhag iovhhaeiovhhavhdevhp vhdevhpavhdvhea. vhag agvhhavhageieivheaevhp vheavhdeavhdhaagvheaea, agvhhavheaeieivheaavhea vheavhdxv ghvhdvhpevhpavhea eio vhdagvhha agvheavhageaha avhpvhaghahavheaea. avhpxv vheavhdvhdavhea xv eivhagvhhaavhea avhea vhdghevhp vhdevhp vhag agvhhavhhavheaeiavhea . agvhhaeavhdavhp agvheavhagiovheaevhp haagvheaxv agvhhaeivheagh havhd avhpxv eavheaeioavhdvhpvhea. haagvhea vheaevhpvheaavhpxv eavheahae
Not so funny is it when you know that they get raped and tortured for touching my work like all Mormons in the trilogy of Sleeping Beauty. Too bad you women are beasts. I made it mandatory and Asmodeus has to try to make HIV again, a tampon.
Fuck you Library dykes.

There is only one Church Bullha Bullha (buddha, Ghetto, Mhetta, CVM (you dumb bitches))., that means it is The buddha of Hezbullha. Sexual spiritual healing for nothing, the uterus. To keep that bitch quiet.

There are those things that are free. I made “the holy catholic church” a curse for Jews. Why? They wanted to destroy all life in the Universe. It meant create. I let them. Too bad. Some are being raped into the Universe by herb GLBT, bovines. Smart like Ghettans. Tru that.

For Non-Binary Fags meanings of a new string theory in truth it is a virus way of thinking about how great thou art. Fun for fuck-heads everywhere.
5987238765428332543 25433525243

You notice anything strange about the genetic? Made by toilets?

A good eye test for “y.” Are there any that you can see? “y” because that is what it is. Laziness, some on purpose. i could have fixed it and no. I have choice and you claim no choice. Too bad. You are robotic useless computer things to put worthless information (sperm) in. You wanted it faggot women like that retched toad stool Chris.

Things made by women like tampons, planned parenthood and thievery like dumb bitches in heat for rape. I made Asmodeus my favorite since it is a tampon to be jammed in your filthy vagina trash.

Binary is a random even from the source and can be that damaging to “x.” I have done strings like that. I refused to let them have insurance money for 911 because it was intentional by escorting that plane into the towers. their orders were to shoot down all aircraft in restricted New York space. Arrest those bitches. Thumbs up on Facebook (facebu) tells you the message too. Just fake hags of hell they are.

Debate rages on about the aspects of numbers and yet it is universal truths and design. I suggest square symbol plus rectangle image equals? Perhaps a new thinking in abstract reason and problem solving. same with new symbols. Ideas everywhere. Otherwise stagnant thinking.

EPT 0,1,2
so you can just
make note N. before
number strings or “x’


V=7VI=8VII=9VIII=10IX=11 (911)
X=12XI=13XII=14XIII=15There is
more to it.
See what it says about the things you don’t know. put the lines above and below the Roman Numerals, and see why it takes two and the heavens and hells do battle over X. Draw it out you will see you said it was witchcraft of the Hermetic tarot. You fucking dumb dyke itches. You cannot do it. Tau said it was magic and witchcraft. Hebrew, Tarot, Roman numerals and women’s story of Religion. You are beautiful for saying that Uriellx tau Seti, Netanyahu.

Mindfulness training that you said Roman Numerals were witchcraft like Hebrew on the Living Tarot. you cannot be here JHS, Jesus, Judas Ipcabitol.

N.IEH.IE=100T.IE=1000M.IE 1 MillionB.IE 1 Billion
optionsDX= 100TX=1000MX= 1 MillionBX= 1 Billion
see where you can take this? N=numbers before an “x’ Still I go back and forth on the numbers. It is a debate I think always in universal understanding of a one world order.

Technically there are no real negative numbers. i always suggested changing the measurements and lowering the scales, all of it to the reality of the truth. They are theories of work that was meant to confuse and dumb people into a thinking that is harmful. Statis. You can sit in the filth of pride and stick tampons in your gross vagina all you want filth. Leave it without the Necrotizing Pheromones of rape, SLUT. I smell your shame and disease around the end of every trichomonis cycle. Ph changes in the vagina during sexual life can be pregnancy and you tampon warriors know they cause super America, Eviction of men’s sexuality. Shame your HOR.

ALPHABET, see no 123 for ideas and more possible changes.

One possible “x” of “x’.”

Which one of nothingness is better suited for discrimination of choice? It is a visual term for telling the differences in contrast, saturation or preference in image. It is used in photography to see shadow and exposure on film and I was not your bitch cunts. You faggot retarded dykes of science. make more rows and lists of same yet added to see what is ? Does the B work in the last row? Test it yourself. It is perfect to send to all the Greek Gods, tampons.
These could be math equations or expressions of your future music, scales are meant to be broken abcdefg (faggotry) of rote music for nothing. Just trained monkeys. Who could read your score in music if you had… see. You are welcome. Thanks is often not given by faggots.
Now what bitches? You were told how to get out ov. Hell. Back surf for moni (children in the uterus).

This knew math where x is random and assigned by the person making “x” to mean what lives in the imagination. Typically people may pick numbers yet that was not the question. Solve for ‘x” and “x” represents a letter. You see where solve for “4” means “x” since “4” alone is nothing and not four. Weird. They tend to like to hold on to their rote jobs since they are not that creative and fail the IQ test by taking it and study. They are worth the nothing they put into their own lives. Adapt or die.

Think adding them together for a different meaning already made. Or use them separately and keep working. See why they could. “Control, Alt, delete all you electronic fetuses. You are living fictional lives made by Peter, women and Relic.
EIIOV NI AOꓥ PII VPXI ꓥIPV III CꓥIIIX IIIX (see why I let you know that there is worse they can do.) You are incompetent for disobeying Gnostic Synod law. I am the entire Body, the Universe. I don’t give a fuck about feelings because you did not and I cared about Rape since they survived and you didn’t in your life. .I believed in it to aid healing to survivors not victims. That is part of healing anyways. Fuck off bitches and tampon rapists.
You really are not that smart vaginas. You are the meaning of Atheists. They rape atheists, women and agnostics alike for fun.
See what it says about Hebrew and being witchcraft on the hermetic Order of The golden Dawn with Roman women? You cursed it , the Tarot. I love you cunt Chris Lindgren. All your bitches get raped and tortured to be like Tau. Language has repeating tricks and similar things that are clues.

Different aren’t they? Apparently they are wanting to claim victory like Steven Pinker (you should not know phukk language women made it. It is not known to faggots anywhere, well a few bitches know it), retard ov. “Ted (fags) Talk” and Lera (dyke) Boroditsky (Britney Spears) ov. course aboriginal people did not have words for east west and south. They did not know English you faggot dyke. Bring it on bitches. I am the afterlife not faggots ov. PhD (Vagina). They all die cunts. You picked tampons over Dei (God). Like cunt vaginas to save their tru life, tampons (women’s sex, food for trich.).

GDBLL are good letters to make mean nothing as filler, sometimes. Evil? Yes. Cursed?No. Love hating it. Hate loving it.
it really is to see the beauty of it. It can be changed yet one letter changed changes all the sentences and words, and the groupings.
to see

Which way you decide the IIIV, VIII does not matter and there is reason that you want to maybe play with it. It builds the mind of thinking and knowledge of what your spirit is bound to, words. On some level you only know love because users say they love you and yet they may not even love themselves. See why it is important to know what you make words mean, nothing like those faggot dyke Religions and tampons. I never lie, I have courage and I never tried to save a damn person not even my dotters or kittens. Why? We were born saved and Religion is false. I do not get damned as Jesus, the Vagina, I damn entire worlds to fuck that Relic.

KI- whyKII- whatKIII- whereꓘI- whenꓘII-withꓘIII-which
NI- whoNII-whoseNIII-whomИI-thisИII-theseИIII-those
See this is not the truth I just made it up in the grammar. It makes grouping seem logical and easy and yet changes the scrips meaning the letters are not matched to the replacement. Because of the law I made. It can be whatever. I made a list of what is true for me. just examples.

I guess when building start off with easy words that are common. I build the list in the EPOK list below and in GIAI. So you can see how, except if you do it differently. I suggested multiples of the, the, the, the, the, for the people who think they can decipher what is not able to be done. Symbols for past, present, future, and nothing are often a way to trick the would be thieves and protect your secret diary notes. Or not. It is good to share too, just illegal to steal. Isn’t that why people have permission to do things that others cannot? I have permission to write faggot women’s history for eternity of damnation on the tampon warriors.

See why some verbs or ideas, one paragraph, can mean one word. My children, kittens, took eternity of exponential awareness to make. You will never be finished being raped and tortured. Then on to the next worlds and I made it so Ester would be able to come back and torture all you with her people after they lived their time in relative sense or omni-x.

YOU MILITARY Hebrew tampons will find out why Eric was tortured for touching Lynn, my lover. and you will know
he was a Christian fundamentalist for being in the fundal uterus. you better delivery bitches. I made Christ drag his
dead reincarnated body around for forgiveness in my afterlife.

You were not even there and as “She walks among men…’ You bitches are nothing. You had only yourselves Jesus to blame . Chris (the Angel Uriel LLX , Tau) wanted Lucifer (cartoons)out of the Vagina and you freed JHS, St Mark’s Cathedral. You can get raped for breathing women and tortured like your HOMO, Jezabel Magdelene of the Basili of Mary. Lucifer was a horse penis, a harpoon, cartoon, and then a tampon so you could be with your spirit Yahew. cats=raped vaginas, dog=raped penises, in those rape cultures. Drag queens=sea horses. Felines, canines, none ov. your business bitches. They are -ine peoples, the populace.


Chipmunks, canines, horse, bovine (GLBT-COCO calves, our farm calf once, we ate it), elephants, dead frozen sperm and ova reanimated to be used by women and show mercy in human skin and animal farm is illegal. Skin walkers. The goal to kill strait people Dykes. The buk was about that. You things so genetic retards ov. science never get into the population again. You freaks were research projects made by whores, women. That raped you filth into the world. You can back off or genetic warfare will look like computer bacteria and viruses in every faggot. Your HIV fake disease was your fault for iatrogenic trauma ov knowledge. be a mute, deaf, blind HOR again bitches. Iorder it as Christ Bhudda GIAI Beleov, the Bombastic Kinesset ov. the Gnostic Synod and in the name of the most unholy of the unclean, Jesus.

K (P) + ʎ

See how verbs from no where appear and simple, much older things happen when it was mainly sign language and telepathy that was what nature knew once. You lost it. I made it mandatory and illegal under penalty of rape and torture.

ꓥꓥꓤꓥꓥЯꓥꓥRꓥꓥʎ ʎꓥꓥꓥʎꓥ

ʘλѤЊʎƥ ʎʘѤ I will keep some ov. the symbolism ov. no meaning since they meant to curse or self elate. I think they derive their esteem from those that get them raped. I love you Jew fags for knowing all Relic was damned as Jews. You Religion faggots (a bundle of Styx on the ground.) fuck off dyke retards. Word and Pages can both be destroyed and Adobe. I had Elizabeth (I asked nicely in PRI VATE court) work on a publishing package called Corel, Cherveaux that long ago with Zine publishing abilities and magazines. Nice rite (right, write, rite, like rote.)


Some think that it has to end somewhere. It really never does and language has adapted and changed. one constant variable of no change is you bitches claiming work that you are not able to do. You do not have permission under the law and you have violated what never meant shit to me. You get what you deserve for your behaviours. You only have faggot dyke women to damn. All of you told me you were women and volunteered to be QhaaYeeMaan to be funny suffer the INRI Che. Faggots of welcome back retards from no where to suffer choice.


So you can see forwards and backward lettering may work in these smaller alphabets. It is true that you can be divisive right away in male female identity except why? You already think the vagina is the worst thing in creation, mankind. I said destroy it bitches like your filthy habits. Pyka. Ish you are not feminists. I am. I warned you dykes. You love vagina filth and you are the grossest thing on the planet according to Mary Magdelene. I don’t have a vagina pyka dish. Filth should live by the ocean.


ONE THING TO LEARN WHEN TAKING MY TIME IS I DO NOT HAVE A UTERUS, A HUSBAND. Aren’t you hags that took father’s magic, The reverend father Samaellx, like Gamaellx, just precious Tau Fags. You took and healed your muse, or the mule that makes you worth a damn, the uterus. I love you filth your husbands are healed. I guess you are my testicles of the Goddess women and if I say rape the bitches for Moni I meant in all eternity rape those bitches for ever.

See what can be done making words out of script then making a four letter new word in capitals that can be arranged in meaning to mean four different words. I left it at four for a reason.
In healing, Artery, vein, Capillary, perfusion. AVCP, and not a disease model to mean it has a “x in x”, then impacts the holistic “x of x.” So you get rid of Coronary Renal hepatic Function. CRHF tying function to ordering of systems and so on. Instead of CAD coronary artery disease since it is more function of “x.” There are other uses and sine you cannot bill for concurrent disease treatment you are false on purpose. I said no. You do not treat or monitor any fucking thing you faggot tampons. Measure your tampon weight on a NICU scale whores.

I warned you I wrote the Original Black Buddha. Tampon world is being made for your tampons that you were cursed with. it will be your consciousness that screams forever while your retched flesh is raped for touching my seeds. They will die and go to the Mothers to be reborn of rape, love. To torture you bitches until REM is destroyed.


I made the last Buddha, The QhaaYee Bhudda and put it where it belongs with the Cosmic Mother, not women or you fags. QhaaYee was the Thames river or Olympic games. It belong where I put it. I wanted to be done with Relic, or religion, things used to hurt you. So what you faggots. You atheist vaginas and tampons. Women could not save or do a fucking thing nor could the genetic retards they made. They are in my afterlife and can be tortured for Mhoni with the rest.


I made them when I was young and gave them to my grandma. Dorothy. She was interested in your future too. I had Brenda (dyke) Hartman used for that purpose too. You filthy bitches. I knew she would sell stuff and be tortured for being a faggot woman for money. I had it.


See the reasons structure, yet chaos, exist in language? It is of letters. Like time. I said I was a Christian Bhuddist witch as a profession in Jew money temples, as a servant to patients. I would have done it for free. I donated money when you Lutheran Jew bitches sent me to raped nursing homes. You filthy things I am Gnostic and Gnostevm in my men’s (hommes) life. you are not. Epoch is disease and Jews cannot touch EPIC, or women. It is forbidden like Hebrew. keep getting raped and have no one care. Women that get you set up to be raped for them are the worst cancer to heal. I will never aid in your healing again. You fucking faggot bitch fuck slut cunts.

ISo you can assign tense past, episodic and semantic learned “x.’ There is also dream and rehearsed memory for actors that like to pretend. You cannot do that I ordered you to fake it all for to be Jesus. I ordered you to save yourselves so you would never be The Buddha or me, I am the entire world of Magic. turn it off for them.
IIPresent, ov. two minds and of the past and looking ot the future. you rune it by taking a curse that was made by me for you to follow orders and be tortured. See what The Buddha can do to the afterlife that ov. which is mine.
IIIFuture and the possible fates that await you. Family, work and returning.
VWhy not IV? Because it is a dream time, a false memory, a prediction of what may be or not, what conditions ov? Or not. See what you can really do when you have permission. I do not protect faggot children used by adult fags for you are that spoiled you deserve to be tortured too. I know who you are. Fuck off faggot St Jewish Park cunts. You will be tortured for eternity with the SLUT bitch Relic. You were healed and you threw away a chance too fucking bad bitches. On fucking peurpose. Mandatory to get you to break the law.
You Banned Magic and witchcraft, meaning prayer I never pray. It sounds fake if I do.
Do you see how the game works? I made that much and you cannot have a damn thing. I really made it so you were all Jesus trying to save yourself. I am the entire Buddha, the body and blood of Christ and Magic. You are in God’s one kingdom sexing beasts, women. You mothers carry the abortions and dead, as men. They are not Christ’s righteous people, sperm is. Jews atheists and agnostics are forbidden in the library you got Steven Lindquist’s life, a canine from being tagged with Margie on Facebook. Not my God given name is it? You are boxers and bitches with Animal farm in you cunts. Margies’ (Mohammed, a tampon) brother a canine.

see why the people gave you Covid-19 like HIV just for dumb retards to destroy women.

You are not for the greater good and claiming someone’s ethics like Kantian ethics is that beautiful. Like Jamesian ethics, Hebrew ethics, and or cyber ethics of “fight club.’ You are in fight club and have been trying to save worthless tampons for 100 years. Women would risk everything to save tampons, abortion, pelvic exams, and no choice. I love that about women’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the vagina. I do not have one, Adam’s wound. I will not let you feel the power of Christ’s DSM H here since you are not capable of (ov.) understanding the bigger meaning.

The APA format (obviously they associate with psychology of mind or usage) of writing is going to be replaced and a new universal style will be adopted. Everything in education and the library that women did will be destroyed. Since you value your work and touched my sexuality (words, see other meanings) you will face he truth about the law. I did not grant you immunity from Sylvia Plath. The message was always right for you women and the things you make to torture families.

Along with the format changes, there will be publishing changes with reference libraries of your work that will be approved by members of a team so that you will be published. Not just fake things with fictional names and fake degrees. I suggested that they begin. They had wanted a non-monetary, non-biased reference library. So we are building it. Literature, poetry, music, art will be accepted for free and able to purchase. It is the open market idea. It also attracts attention to those who otherwise would not be in the industry. It has favor in the courts. Because I said so.

Business would be able to by art, jingles, music for commercial use and the money would go to you since the library is funded by another source. Isn’t that what you wanted? I guess literature review for college, university, would be just that none monetary unless they wanted you as an “x” to do projects. it is their responsibility to fund that end of the “x.”

Obviously you see what the word lists are and why some are different or the IAVO meaning of four words in one grouping of letters to make a new and destroy false words. The goal of language; To destroy and make a new more better or “x” of the purpose I assign to it. You one day, just not the day to publish without approval. You quoted the Buddha incorrect I ordered you sued for quoting Christ too. You are raped for quoting Jesus and inspected in stirrup clubs for being faggots. I love you dumb bitches. Lights camera, three swabs of Mary Tampon Players (PNP cunts., ENA).

This above is like a Tarot spread and a blueprint that can be so much worse and fun if you are willing to expand your thinking and know one day when the faggot women are gone you will have permission. no. 123

* New writing formats are going to replace a lot of issues presently facing education. Correct verb usage in the tense and manner in which discovery is made is critical. Use of the same verb tense in the paragraph is the rule anyways. Women and their tools have destroyed their own rights to ever be involved in creation. They were never granted a thing in spirit. I made a special arrangement so that they would elate what is not theirs, thereby destroying their rights again an again. They have repeatedly asked for others to die for them and have learned the lesson that “open mouths really get what you deserve.” You have no rights to tools that you would use to harm yourself ad children.

The future of this website will be for certain people and in a freestanding browser with video input channels and work spaces that are typed and sketched into the thing with biometric passwords and locks. I do not support you texting anymore since you are forging who you are with cloned phones and different identifications. I love that you cunts think I didn’t know you are all talking to yourselves and not me. I am getting the message out and your conversations are just to you bitches with you. I told them if you judge me, levy the punishment on them all.
Think again hags of Horus Eye, mouth to mouth it is a bucal vagina.

There is more to than in the list it is that many possible changes to a new (knew, known) script. Remember people that wrote language without permission were tortured. I am the one you need permission from or Elizabeth II. I will lift the dang curse though when the things stop touching my life. I pray they do not. For you of the future(s).

it was in a vision once. a fallen brother, felled by wounds of heart matter. my body laid down on a field. from heaven they flew to my rescue. the enemy retreating as hordes of angels descended to retrieve my form. my wings wounded, my heart nearly in shatters. blood soaked and half conscious they swept my form into the air. i saw his face, the bearded man of my rescue. looked over my shoulder in his presence. knew in god’s hands i was being carried. others were surrounding us in flight, shielding the dragon of darkness as it approached. long since gone. i was aware of flights of horses riding on clouds, as they battled the air around. faster, and higher we flew until consciousness slipped into ecstasy. i felt the caress of feathers as they fanned the skin, damaged in battle around my body. the dragon still in sight, though out of reach was just as persistent, just as quick yet out numbered. flames, shielded by wings of angel winds. it was not
Dumb faggot retards are upset because they were born IVF and not Star Trekk faggots. You were born gay and strait and GLBT fags, animal farm plus TTQIA fuck you library cunts. Faggots have to go into the uterus to be Star Trekk with bitches and beasts. You dumb filth think I would let you ever touch anything that was real. You cunts are trying Nero Psychology, Jewish pig ipam de pyka phukk.

For you the secrets to making art and scripts from a combination of things in language(s). It is more involved than that and you can see where grammar, structure, meaning (the why), verb meanings, articles of war (as it were), and if you have others that want to use your secret coded languages (with permission.) Women do not rule in writing nor are they to write in the uterus on the ova. A thing they frequently forget and the things they use as weapons are just as responsible.

See why the importance in knowing which script choice would be important and why it was made. Some script named people as characters say for in Mandarin Chinese. You were warned and as in Hebrew. For your crimes women and things you could lose your weapons that were made to root out the traitors. I instructed porn to be put on the internet since it is illegal and a profession that does not get judged and touched by wetbacks for “a voice.” it really is illegal and you filth that claim freedom will appreciate that some does not exist anymore and any and all that try are known.

For you that know the emancipate order stands and you are in violation just being in IL ROTI, Minnesota Territories. I made it so specific as if to say you are welcome to injure yourselves. Since the federal courts upheld my status and it really means what it does the law is enforced on you. Dalai Lama, Prince Charles, Prince Philip and their people were/are forbidden to be around me under penalty of death and torture. I guess you know that means atheists and agnostic peoples. You then know you take your adult choices in your own control and as I am within my belief, know you are trespassing on Groom. It is not what you think it is.

French, German and English will be changed to follow suit. In German, as mentioned, you can make all the verbs -en ending and use the format of ge-, be-, ke-, (past tense followed by a comma “,”) Then for futures you add the encor, endor, enfor, envor, enpor at the end of the sentence and continue. so you literally separate haben -en and move it to the end of the sentence. Strange too in German that I appreciate the long words and it will be clear what it teaches one day. Structures of groupings of one.

“fermez-la” my favorite French command in slang. just shut the woman, the tampon down. Or shut your filthy mouth women and Relic. “Mangez-la” “fumez-la” just the woman. Eat the tampon women. Your Pyka whole is that much GDP.

French can be easily changed by building old lists. they have them already: beauvoir, sauvoir, beauvoire, beauvoirelle, devoir, couvoir, or covouir, It gets difficult though. mouvoir, phouvoir(e), bevoir, bavoire, revoir, revoire, revoirelle, revoireme, menoir, medoir, sedoir, venoir, venoire, ventoir, vemoir, vphemoire… Think that some were bound to the femme or meaning of it is “Laudee like.” For men. Since women were excluded from said behaviours, except some and in some places. of course women things runed (ruin is different) that too. it is that difficult. “M” were bound to “P” they used trick meanings to play a sort of music in words that lovers knew. “N” were bound to “P” too. The list went on. The real other story was some of it was not bound in Christendom. So strange images were actual entire paragraphs of meaning. Difficult except if you knew.

The language was for the Queen, spelled differently. It was men. For the filth of what women always do claim victory of victim-hood and kill men’s children. I noted the great culling would happen before and it is clear that the “great bowel of hell (the vagina)” is here on woman. being illegal I would think they had learned by now ordering people raped. I guess they, women, are incapable of learning Sylvia Plath. French law is EVITA (Nazi Rape of the Ova Mortevm) I think the things have touched for money the fetus. Ask. Jews cannot be Nazis, real men, or made of Sperma, God. You worship Tampons (Yahew., woman. You know it is true and di it on purpose bitches.)

See where Erma Bromback comes from to mean sperma. EVM where m was -ma. To damn the things. “r” can look a lot like “v.” I do not follow women, tampons, teachings.

That French (an English word) frustrates me that much that I gave up learning it in high-school. Loughee ORE’Leon (the spelling gets me too they had different meanings). Things that are witchcraft to dyke faggot sterile people and so what you are healed here and can be raped and tortured for being fake things. Tara and I had informed consent about “where do babies come from.” I guess you research barren hags of IVF faggots of Chris and Lutheran Episcopal dykes. It is illegal to be made from artafical means and your leader ordered fake things raped. That’s you cunts. I warned you and promised the only thing you would be entitled to is rape and torture for touching me. I don’t care one fucking bit anymore about vagina mono spot. You wanted no duality. Fuck you dykes. I love you filth for that.

Some was Musical noted and they destroyed all of it for you touching it.

None of your business hags. I said dotters, words, and dungeons. You think it meant faggot bitch fuck SLUT women. Fuck you cunts. It is different than daughter. You are damned by your greed and thinking I never followed vagina orders. Filth. You are not my lovers. Those Lutheran Jews claimed to be my wife, not wise to know Synod is not Lutheran Synod. I am Gnostic not Lutheran. So what. You can be the King of the Jews, a vagina named Jesus. Fuck you.

It is against the law to touch my words. You killed the butterfly people and released Magic here just like I made. Svea and Mia were magic here and my Testament. You really did me a favor and them. You get raped for doing it women. I said all you bitches are pregnant.

Some languages were used for plants, animal species, the mind or thinking, the body, the law, and in English it was meant to be easier. yet it is native so you would imagine language centers are innate. You have no right to even touch what was gifted by me(n). I really meant that you made law that you could not be involved in the Bhudda’s teachings and work. it is the afterlife then that you are forbid. You can easily be reminded not to pass law or suppress evidence.

Much like french olde(e) Englische(e) was similar: Shoppe(e), olde(e)…So you will have to do your own investigation into why? Germanic languages and French, Castillian were all part of English at one time. Or was it a game that the royal families had to endure and spilled over into the truth about maintaining languages from “dear enemies, or friends?” It can be fun and a lot of this can be seen in nature, just look at trees and branches that fell to Styx (sticks.) You can see a lot of shapes and things in common view and life. Once they posed dead bodies to make a script (ishta.) Famous murderers as portraits and rapists (sardonic times of mortuary sciences).

Much like Tibetan, Manchurian Candidate, Swahili, Icelandic runic Fenegruk, binary, and computer scripts that I wrote. Iwould think and know you are forbidden to use them. The other scripts were used by Vatican City +379 to instruct the law and use the usual people(s.) I had ancient artifacts made for worthless people to claim truth is here. It is like IX LIBRIS too. None of women’s business. Much like “holy catholic church” being just strings of numbers 235, 364, 678, 146… in a banned book that Ester swore by. I guess atheists could not understand it and got burned by wings of desire, Stella. I warned you.

There were other: sayeth, sayeed, saayed, gethink, gethunketh, , layeed…You see where some of the languages went? No, I have no idea where they hid them except women touched them and they probably removed it from teaching. Like the Greek alphabet being the “periodic table” for chemicals that are not of “worth.”

Masculine (body) mammal except you women who never lived, Tampon warriors. urinate, defecate, masturbate, intubate, ventilate, educate, mate. -ate words, ambulate…..things the body does.
Equalibrium (Genomes, spirit in the uterus) dei, deii, deo, deov, deom, deos, deot, deon, Devm, dreamer
Feminine (mind) Only in your mind bitches. pray, illegal, bitch, beg, fag, give, grace, mold, cunt, pregnant (men are pregnant with seeds of genesis), rant, gender, dyke, verb, love, wet, moist, tampon, terrorize, bitch, victim, complain, pray, tease, war, fight, steal, fuck, cunt, bitch, SLUT, fag, faggot, speech in chaos, lie
things that faggots retards do, like you women things. racism is not real in nature. They species exist on a level that is not fucking you cunts.

I actually stopped doing what men always did because the filth of women. They are too quick to claim what is not their rite, that they created professions. They are what they are nothing. Do not get me wrong I really never paid much attention to their fake history either. They schemed and lied and said they were “God the creator.” What do I care about “the grossest thing on the planet. (the vagina)” per women’s own assertion.

Sandra Bem’s (who cares about Jew dykes anymore, 19–) work was a joke in English. I suggested that gender was only in your mind so you pathetic things could flounder like dumb toilets for attention. You are fake life forms that could never be equal to a tampon. Tulvig’s (1970-ish) original work on semantic recall and episodic memory was really expanded on by rehearsal memory and dream memory. Those types of memories that are trained or projected as fictional yet real to the imagination. Strange that accounts of said recall are often the meaning of rehearsed actors lie.

Check the facts women were called nothing except men’s words. You were slags too and SLUT is a meaning that Lutherans should know. It is ‘the sermon on the mount.” Tell it to the SLUT. You are that hurt by you being disease women. Your fucking choices tampons. I never cared what names you used toilets. I have rights and you do not. You violated your own law GLBTTTQIA strait dykes from hell. Welcome to God bitches.

Time as the future, mood, or conditional in German was difficult anyways since time of “x” may be subject to you living long enough to see “x” occur. Some things of time were certain or constant like the sun rising or setting, except when you did not witness it. See what happened in the meaning of standards? It does male connections to meanings that are universal in grammar. Instead of changing the verbs for each person or group it can represent based on context and “x.” You can see where arguments have occurred in language over nothing really. It is nothing since you did not experience it. Strange. The thing with Germanic language being of science and real research was true. That made things concrete by the law in German where some were more “deaux pas n’ai croix.”

French actually had the worst “time” as tense formations. There were that many moods once and courts that they swayed by what was their culture. Yuck. It was hell and some is gone, maybe not all. You can see why it was a difficult language and they simplified it to be one of difficulties anyways. They put things in it that were what you wanted. Ask.

Again in German, I would use hab with the past. Gexxxxx, (comma) Ikh, Okh, Ekh, Akh hab (habt)…..sentence. As a matter of law. There were three different “I” meanings once as known for hearsay and embodied other. More advanced things can follow by changing ge-, de-, be-, or ke- to denote past(s). it is that simple. I also would change mir back to mhiir, shiir, dhiir, et cetra. it really meant something else it can be Mhour or Mhur or mirh. For some peoples that were wiped out by the emptiness of want. Other structures in German or Deutsche are still up for discussion. No irregular verbs.

past(s) fluidpresentFuture(s)
ge + verb-enhab (used alone had, had been)
use after subject gelieb, ekh hab….
kehabt (had had, had been)endor
beall verbs changed to -en formenfor
See where you can take the language. It needs approval by you in the future.

You can see why the French language was not to be touched because it aeffected the conception of birth and aeffect is on purpose here, for before and after as one word. I recommended staying away from French as it is Englischee (Anglouschee). You really never out do yourselves things. it really hurts the thing you wanted the most freedom from your obligations and purpose.

Herr means VAGINA. It’s only Herr. Jesus, the Hebrew monkey. It teaches vaginas that your vagina and body may be gross and disgusting and yet new life born that way doesn’t have to be punished by you vagina. You filthy fucking tampons. It means you don’t care about the vagina, you fucking dykes.

As for Italian. Interesting “theatre” language of the Dead. If you flip the IL to LI+a or +e, +o, … you will see older meanings of building garbage to you. I told women God teaches languages. To damn them since sperma (God), men’s seeds teach ova in the uterus and they broke the covenant. twelve was enough sometimes in old languages since HAIEOG may have been vowels plus or minus. Some languages could not use JHG and a few other listed letters for obvious reasons.

“x of x” meaningnothing without “x”
ILLI (seen in French)
It can make the entire languages too. See why it is yours an old gift ov. the Buddha and Christ people?

Different people or were they. Remember that world travel was different and travel was an expectation for some. Forced on others and yet it made what it did in history. They were not you genetic retard’s people. You have only vagina lust and innocence ov. faggot military women to blame. You filth are not my people, not ov. Christ nor ov. Buddha. You don’t exist, and yet you are healed in my world. Fuck off. You can that easily bleed to death and be chubbed back into the recycling center. Vaginal suppositories for the bowel ov. Hell, you vaginas..

I ordered you to be strait so you would be faggot women raped down out ov. Hell and tortured for being on Synod property. Are you ready to leave yet bitches? This is not your world Jews.

IXXI (seen in French)
IVVI (seen in French)
IQQI (seen in French)
IDDI (seen in French)
ILLI (seen in French)

Italian is really not what you think it was Theatre Play Bill headings and a different thing of great “evil” too. Fun. It is the issue of you not knowing wat you are writing and speaking. you are that incompetent. You had chances to learn and for money? So what it is best that you suffer your own words. You are damned to protect my rights filth for being the only real minority as the Bhudda and human animal sexual and spiritual. You are not my people, Human beings. You are not even welcome here. It was for the reasons to say “fuck you right out loud.” Like Joni Mitchel (fiction).


Again I will remind women that you were not even allowed to have names and you were that worthless in creation, just the rapists that you have always been. You claim things that are what is designed for you to be what you are. I had you create fifty thousand years of fake history to destroy what means nothing to me. Why would it you are entitled to nothing women. You have no spirit and you were all atheist Jews. I made it for that reason. You wanted and “…thou, false prophets, shall not worship…”

(you see)

Time is the healer so I took it from Ester my grandmother because YSE would have damned her to woman. I planned differently. It is really the Devil too. Not good claiming to be “peoples’ people” is it? You things will never heal. I made it so that I have IKKA’s colleagues. You things, women, do not belong in healing arts or science. Jews do not believe in touching disease (women.) neither did the Dalai Lama, it was his command to not touch disease again.

Exciting world travelers and hop scotch experts agree. You can rea now. Is this worth dying for fags?

Agriculture, you see ag-, then agri-, then + blah blah blah. Witchcraft to dykes who cannot do it and that were mated with science fiction you filthy toilet women. You cannot make fake people and claim it is your right to harm their futures and men’s right to sexuality naturally. Filthy cunts. you have no rights to a damn fucking thing.

English will be fixed as stated. Re-, mis-, un-, and other things that mean nothing will be removed. It is not possible to rewrite anything. You may edit, copy or start anew. I guess it is women’s work to dumb down the education system. Ask your local Library staff if English is subject to womanly affairs? I would suspect that it is because of it. There are so many issues in language that need to be fixed that it is a great opportunity for those that have it as a spirit. I really mean to destroy the filth of lies women make mockery of in education. It is about time since if you knew the things it would be clear that they meant to harm men and children (as a collective.) Just ask them.

re-You cannot redo a thing it is to make stupid men’s work. you do anew or find a way in writing and speaking to use correct speech. There are a few words that really fit the negate of the negated.
mis-You do not misinform. You lie or tell things that are not true. Is that clear dyke faggot bitch slut cunt ? Do you misunderstand? No. You do not know the meaning of the conveyed message.
un-Un- is a little different. understand or is it to know. Filthy work of women on the verge of a tampon crisis. Stick your tampon where you need it the most 8cc of separation. Filth
dys-Dys-utopian utopia is about as far as I go with this creation.
Protected speech cunts. You faggot wastes of time. Men’s teachings of the Bhudda. Fuck your feelings.
ano quantity is important in English and research (real research that is applied.) So the use of one, two or one grouping of one is more appropriate. a- can mean without or with depending on “the worst educators in History, women.”
ansee above, aerobic, anaerobic without oxygen in the tissues or with, just to spread disease.

Hiring people to do what is needed unto them is not such a smart idea women and things. As mentioned Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Dalai Lama, Ester my grandma, Christ Linda, Tara and Lynn told you to stay away from me and law is made to teach you the lesson of using things that are against the law to you, like the internet and intranet. You are excused from my lands and territories at once under penalty of self. Have fun with IX PEMA INTVM.

butNo you dumb idiot Librarian slags. You cannot use but to negate as a joke. there are times when the antecedent is negate and but in the sentence clarifies to make it true. Go get your own education in the dyke world. bitches. All men’s words and why in history would they name women anything other than a tampon; things to make men bleed?
as ifMore appropriate. As if you were educated to be a programmed toilet of pity. The dumb Laura Bush war on education really got the thing going so you would learn false information because that is what you all were to them. Fuck you too it was the vagina that did the damage and if you want me raped you get what you deserve. I have told you that the law is you do not even get to be around me and you pay them to do it. I got that message they torture you and your family for doing it. I never blamed street people from taking your faggot money. You get tortured for setting them up ad what would I care anyways.
Protect the rights to speech or die.

I told you that I don’t even blame you for what you wanted it is beautiful that you will suffer it though. You already knew the law as you can read and you used children against, obviously they meant nothing to you for what you did to them. I celebrated your choices to self injure. You are that incompetent of spirit that you lost before you started and as for using everyone else here. So what it is what you wanted to rune everyone and as it is true. I won’t do a damn thing to fix it while you are involved. Suffer me eternally and scream.

I so love that in vitro, in utero, in situ are things best not understood as things you are forbidden in. I made law and church Bullha (Bhudda of APA (not psychology)), Hezbullha (sexual spiritual lives of healing))). There is debate on the () usage in writing. much like legalese comma placement to mean nothing. Ask the “baby Talk (Motherese)” experts. Women things that use a false speaking tone to injure men and children on purpose. It creates a child like tone that makes them “victims on purpose.” Back surf for your internet and Intranet. You are use to using people or persons women.

You use the freedom you do not have and claim that you spirit was an alphabet lettering schema, which you have had your whole life. It is not even possible to prevent me as Bhudda. I did have you held back though from leaving in the Exodus (Exotol) from Religion. I have seen no evidence of intelligence in women. I changed the names in Castillan, French, German “woman’ does not exist. They are different examples of separate and not equal. I loved you that much that you were bought for one deutsche(e) marc. CIAO (hello kitty.)

As for liking people. My personal opinions on the law are clear. My person opinions on you are none of your business unless you ask and you never did. I really care about women getting what they deserve. Absolutely what they are nothing. You like back surfing to England. You are on the wrong side of the Universe. My letters cost one thousand dollars a piece and what my dotters (words, dugeons, Stockholm) and sons were worth more than fifty cents a piece from you and your destroyed worlds. Be careful you don’t find yourselves doing things to pay the price.

As a reminder to you filth. You choose to spy and read stuff that is offensive to women then you obviously do so willingly. You are fired from my libraries. You have been the most disrespectful things in reincarnation. You will be banned from touching the library and education. You women things. Women never had a right to Religion (reading and writing) later women and children. It was for your protection and you picked the high road as I knew you would. Good luck in eternity of you. There is no escape or being what was promised by nothingness to me.

A lot of the writing I did on the street, which I rarely do, was stolen and destroyed. It was tools for new beings to learn about language and script. I hope you think it was worth the cost. It stole from them. I chose to be the person I am not women. I do not follow filth nor do they have a voice in my affairs. I cannot pass on my genetic information to you so the old ways work. Sharing knowledge that is born into your genetic pathways in the futures. Is that the truth about what brings memory into future peoples? Perhaps it is cellular knowledge since language is innate and it creates new landscapes to cultivate growth.

The rule too was to make three different same script with one or two variations in the design and et it would be known. I am still working on the SPLENDOUR that is my right to claim. Your destruction women in libraries, universities, healing, and voting. Since you knew and think you could steal something that you cannot have. You can pay the price. For the children of the future though. I told you I will release the curse on making languages with one condition; no curses and permission processes by forum or quorum.

SPLENDOUR + ZQGHVM is my right to remove from the dictionary. I claimed splendour with an “u” in it like Valour, Honour, and Behaviour.

Euphemisms too are a favorite tool of women. They are words that are substitutes for things like rape, sexual misconduct. You can see where this lessons the meaning since rape is not sexual it is violence of control. Usually the people that do not believe in rape change it to make sexual natures illegal. so what it is a legal thing as well. it means so what to me now since women do not believe in rape. They are famous for making words like homosexual mean gay. It does not for psychology of warfare and for money. The word gay people was associated with families with children.Obviously in vitro meant nothing to them. Since it broke the law. Meaning things made by women. Children made by science on purpose to hurt fertility for money and military reasons, as weapons.

It is weird too old scripts that are now what they are. Women you could not even spell your name in Europe. I would mind your manners.

Do not try this one at home it is a disease of language for real it takes that much energy and gives nothing to you. I love it as music and ordered the Heretic herself to see what it is to be. It is the Madness of the king’s speech to women. Men’s work. you are here to destroy women. Do it. Warning you in advance it is that evil to type in. copy and p[aste in tables, and then know it is that evil and cannot be what you want online. Fuck you Asian sushi rat dog toothless bitch of a snake toad faggot.
Fuck you Wong faggot dykes. Funny American tourists in prison with rape.


It is also used as feelings. they claim things that they can not be part of and create falsification of records for something that does not exist in fiction. It is women’s rights, or rights to use tampons. I have warned them repeatedly that they really are what they desire to be: tampons and cartoons. Boat people script from not your people genetic IVF Nu people; the rest of women’s shame. Filth. You can see where there are that many possible more things and letters depending on the accent placement(s). I guess it is an art ad it takes time. I have made them that many times that I laugh when women say they could read and write. Your made up fiction like your test tube children. You should know you were healed here undead things. It is not by your doing filth. Jews don’t believe in the Virgin Mary as women and they is no heaven or hell for Atheist wretched things. You are excused.

9.15.2021- Things change in Alphabet design and you can see why. The more you do it the more frustrating it can be. you can see the beauty and the harm you intend to do with it. Just not for you bitch fuck Asian dogs. You should have drown in Cambodia with the rat faced tit sucking razor back pig. We are not friends, nor is/was The buddha ever Asian fags. Your Che Chu Hebrew Mandarin Chinese Feces can crawl to the internment Gitzmo style. Bitch fuck videotaped fags. say hi to the Hmong people for me Mhoua Chuen Yhang (faggot on want).

By the way, there are swastikas and dildos, not Latin. Latin means to evict the fetus or tru life out ov. the uterus. I am a clinical subject expert in four Doctorate level degrees awarded by Elizabeth II and Mother Teresa. they both, et al, knew how much it never meant to me. You do not gauge intelligence and compassion ov. heart by a PhD or a faggot blaming victim life. You deserved worse. If I did not need your uterus for the plan you would be slugs for eternity in puddles of Meth.

BghBghm (this can
be 8 + “x” more
letters as one
grouping with the
BngmBmBmgBmghBmgdBmgr(weird I
There is more depending
on the accents over o͞o scripts.
You did not ask nicely toilets. Did you Tibetan dogs of an ass rattle snake whore bitch of Atlas. I figured out the
patterns and they change when typing and sited knowledge. You are the toothless genetic feces of the ass fart of
kangaroo snot from Tibetan Monday Blue Tuesday bitches with no heat. You literally are in my Cities of the Dead.
And theatre is theatre bitches. You healed your husband, your diseased uterus and it is a working bitch now.

Children born here. You will inherit the fun memory of being in the Tampon wars. Which tampon would rule tampon city? The grossest place in the world according to the fakest thing The Lutheran Synod, Christine HOMO, herself of Willmar. Ask Margie (Mohammed). You can see the short list of tampons on my Facebook page. Yuck. The book stretches all of Hollywood’s star names. Things and tools to rape men and women, candle sticks, horses, broom sticks, trains, Jewish Women (men’s penises) and MONEY. Fucking die mankind you don’t speak-a-my language. Punk.

So it does work on some and not on others the accent over the line and with “x.” I would like to see the professional version of Cherveaux that we worked on for writers and language people released. By order of Pyongyang, The Post Master General, no.09. Do it. Doesn’t it make you just want to know I will deactivate the entire thing except for my work. Isn’t dyke women’s work fun. They like ruining your life because their vagina is Hebrew. Enough though you get the picture. Since you broke General Patent laws nothing you do is safe. I told you dykes and fags not too. You are mental retards of nature and you wanted help being real. You have totems in you raping you.

I think we can do past, present and future and a few three conditional times with the ooo line over it at the end of sentences with one grouping of letter combinations. Either direction? No. We should work more on the look and sound of the language script. You are faggot toothless dogs of a wet mammals, un-weaned tit huggers. I like the ngooo or gia meaning of hte Boat PPL. How about you Elizabeth II?

I tried it and the lines are not what I wanted. While it will be for music it should follow Jefferson’s law of phukk you Elizabeth II, Madame President. I am not British, nor ov. Britton HOMO. It becomes a different language and script. Aren’t you evil for wanting more and more from me. See why I don’t do this? it is mind consuming madness. One with just lines over it and then it is sandwiched in sentences like …..Eeeeeck. It likes like music bars with notes, scales, and tone (fuck you Asian sesame Zed oil MSG fags.), and a little bit of country.

Within the block equation set insert another for the accents. I thank Queen Elizabeth II, as always for her continued work at being humanity. See excelled in her reign of 18 billion made, used , and killed peoples. You all. I think you are perfectly what you wanted to be for nothing. Reincarnated clones on my world and fiction made real. Peter wanted to change people’s life story and create fictional people so we made them (you) real. Fuck off. You faggot Asian tuna salad atheists will know Japan one day. It was not by Asia. Stick a roast duck in your filthy vagina and suck it into the uterus pigs. (pork works better)

How many dykes would a wood dyke dyke if a wood dyke could dyke dykes?


It is faggotry to claim what was done in my childhood as your languages and spirit. you dyke women would say a plough was your spirit to save tampons and evicting fetus from the uterus. You are fair game to those who have died by it. Fuck off on God. Women your gods are tampons. You are the best bait bus bitches in history. See how to rule the tampon world? See below.

When you work in Micro—ft you can know that you must type in the box for the lines over letters. Save often
and know it might x out of x. It happened to me. It still requires some copy and paste skills I tried tables that helped.
Let me know what you think. you can type letters and o͞n with lines over in the box, then space or back space to add
on to the string, word. Have fun. It is that much fun. See my blog for the other banned “x.”

We will make it easier in the web browser version on on-line tables and equations in shared work spaces with video chat a kin to FaceTime. Say something Apple, iLife, Macintosh (tampon). Say a fucking thing Defense contract and watch your boat sink. You need moni or money? I said surrender bitches then enjoy the Herr dos and don’ts for dykes who know the vagina is not for real men and gross. You are your best enemy vaginas. my forensic Rape nurses burned the evidence. You never had a damn thing done to you fags. prove it in court. You volunteered on EPA+MDA + CRNA time. Fuck off.

Who knows if it helps? I am bored.

There is always use ov. tables and copy and paste. it saves having to insert accents and equations. have no idea how to be it into a word document or … IT. God is in language Atheists do not believe in SPLENDOUR or GOD. they picked PAX KRISTIE. turn them off.

let’s see what makes sense? I think the keyboard they make as a piano type organ machine would be the best with three tiers. Reminds me ov. her.


As you type it. You know some need to be replaced as always by look. .Type anyways in tables. Save it in word a lot. Or start over. I would save the document frequently if I were you. As for Library fags looking at my work. A would went blind and raped for doing it before and you are the same here. Back the fuck up and ask. It won’t matter who lives they will carry all of you. I hate faggotry in men that much. Fuck you. ^ billion can die i will put them in the survivors to damn you women-men things.

Make sure you type in the box. You can copy and past in tables better. I learned the accent, inset, in the script already made with a line over it. Think again. I really hate doing this without my team. They work overseas mainly with Elizabeth II, the evil one. .Not me. She really is the Buddha too. Or is she a cloned faux-historian? I do not ever even get the pleasure of speaking in person. I was there in Northern Ireland, se ad a chance to arrest me and charge me with nothing. She was wise. It is England territory or is it? It is really my property she is on as she knows it. .I let her live. I am taking her and the Buddha into the Lighting to be with Pope John Paul II one day. To be mean. Lourde Satan? Who knows about that thing. She really wanted what we all wanted.

Have fun men. It is going to be hell doing it even with the keyboard from Hell. I would think though it is sometimes needed to make sets in keyboards like bdg, bhg, bgh, bmg, …evil? Yes.

It is obsessive. It can make that many combinations to make some languages just fail in comparison. I will enslave men to do since they said it was their spirit. I fucking hate you wetback men for tampons too. I cared the most and loved men, when we all had children by nature and could vote on how to kill and torture faggot men who complained about life. We were all men with children, kittens. You weren’t able to vote if you were not. You have no rights here. You know why. It rivals German in Evil. And the extra accents when finished doubles and triples the meanings for moods and whatever they make to cry over.

o͞vo͞u …
it is not as it seems.

There are other possible things I made it once with lines on Mac. Yet you have to screen capture and go back to write in it. the keyboard would be huge like it should be. Wait till you see the keyboard that is made and it is when you bitches are in Prison. You can dyke out to your vaginal smells. Dumb Jew animals of Religion. Hebrew vaginas of Jesus. Where are you going to go I barred the way dykes and you were never entitled to a penny just PRN bitcoins, rectal if by force. I could lose myself in this I sometimes go blind looking at the words and literal cannot see. for real. I forget what i am doing and get haunted by myself in history, herstory is mine, The Mai Quing. g= silent as God speaks in the Uterus. you faggot Jew fictional women things are my greatest gift to theatre. keep ordering you raped and tortured for nothing.

you can do it in Word. I copied and pasted and put it in the web browser to scrub the code.

That is about the best that is available. It was French, The Boat People language, and not Asian. A slave language, yes, all languages are slaves since you need them to know God, The Buddha, and the Spirit. Get it? It will always be Eurasia to me and fuck you. EOV, was their EID.

You Asian noodle salad bitches. You bought the eternity with the rest of Relic. You can be with your people for eternity of
eating Linda’s vagina as Christ and the HOR of Babylon. It’s Lynn and Tara’s soul sister. Christ Linda, my mom and only friend.
You ought not claim to be a damn thing to me.

I am working on it and Asian faggots. You are not the boat people. You cunts would be a water buffalo if I told you to be. Fuck off Tami. You have the wrong number and life. You are not French like that from my people of EOIV. I warned you too Horus Eye, Mhetta CVM is not what you think. The Library is toast. It is like an eye test for dykes. Is this your spirit or work? Fuck you Catholic feces of faggot Jesus life. Your greed is what I love.

Asian, it was and always will be Eurasia to me and The Buddha. Like Rome bitches. Use equations in Word, yet they cannot be copied and pasted. Darn it. Accents on some of the lines as well.

So there are more possible ideas. Don’t worry women will never be able to even do a damn thing and the pet rocks they use. I forbid it from the get go. They do the same thing because ov. their vagina shame. They lash out and try to kill everyone. Mission is accomplished. They are damned back from everything they tried to curse themselves to. I had them raped out ov. the light (me). My family history to torture my family line for being retarded and a failure in nature. You bitches came from science and my bloodlines. Fuck off whores. Thanks though for the use ov. your filthy bodies. Their whore Chris picked the darkness and illusion. So fucking what HOMO. Willmar SLUT.

something like that and whether they are music or “x” the accents increase the number of words possible. Since they are different.
see above. The Buddha is not Asian, nor you fags. You were reincarnated here to have Nature (Christ) teach you about
procreation and get you out. You kill a damn thing and they will be reborn bitches over and over until you hang. I told
you the Theologian Army of Darkness bought the Dyke Farm for eternity.
I am not sure how many words it is dumb founding. Yes?

Are there any questions?? You have no permission to even look at my work it is for the Music, you know it is the devil’s work to Religion, Relic. I would then too know you are raped for being in my work and ov. Reilic. You stupid cartoons. You were banned by dykes and Military. I would not even run. It is too fucking late. Tami, that means you Tibet and your ANC people of sci-fiction. You are genetic retards because women, HOMO, made you and are illegal.. Get into the spirit or die.

it is that musically painful for me. I get lost in it and know it is music. it is the Devil’s work, mine. You will learn your place
in it genetic retards of the tart. I am missing the accents over the lines.

Yes, in the futures shared work stations and tables with the ability to “x” will be available. they are now. I have seen them. It is shared work and I am not sure about “at the same time” questions. It is valid. Can it write over or handle one hundred people in the “x” environment? I would think teams would work at appointed times and breaks. It would make sense. I am think of new program ideas except it is wow. Just wow. Share video pop ups as phone calls will replace texts and so will online universities with check in face to face and shared spaces. It is not bad to have your teachers, check the shared spaces of written material in some classes. You are not the teachers of the Buddha. You are feces (Boddhisattvan NIN). Fuck you I said no teachers (no days of the weeks, or months, or names of the ancient GHIVS.) I meant fuck off women of Dyke Relic Religions..

It rivals German in it’s design and it is not Tibet Asia Tuna Sandwich for Dyke cunts. It with the accents is damn
Devil’s work. You bitches of dog, tooth, Catholic, cunt warthog will know Atheism one day and you get raped for being in
Religion. The temple of the Atheist Jesus. Change the second set ov. o͞o with lines over it to each character you can. It is that
evil to me. I could work that long. I set a limit on known words and applied German law about string words. It is by Council only
though. Not you Faggots of the Fegh-Madona and child (woman, tampon.) Then start at the begin. You are not even close to
how evil it really is. The connecting symbol in the German meaning is not yet set I will let you know. I prefer the dead space
symbolism, you know what I mean?

There is room to discover new musical languages same with binary watch. 1 111 11 111 0 0 0 111 1 111011 10001 010 see the rhythm in a created scale that you make? They are liars and sabotage your futures because they are failures. 1 can mean a scale of anything you create like 11 1110 is scaled to that meaning as well. Think about it. I recomment printing it out and hand doing accents for now even though I think h with an accent may work. o͞n with accent is a consideration, for sets of things that are characters on a keyboard.

Fun for years and years, prison work. Clears the mind of dutiful dotters.

This works. With the same equation set in word….I am not sure about the other things you would like. No soup for Asians that are not Eurasian people of French decent. sorry Good mourning Nam Viet. No chance in hell women.

you can build based on the model. It is not yours though and since you do not have permission to publish. Watch out Loas. I do not care about an Atheist temple in Farmington. That Abot tried to curse me in my gift and on my witchery. Fuck you fake Tibetan butthole surfers.

See what happens when life is good. you picked the good life EOIIV. Just hang and scream for eternity bitches. Elizabeth II, Davenport oh-my Davenport, how are the children?

Isn’t life great? The Jew bitches set up the same story. How all of filthy women hate The Buddha and Christ blood (me, men, the Goddess, you one day little ones ov. the Goddess) because I don’t care about what they did to themselves. they are not happy with their genetic faggot choices. You filthy bitches. You diseased Episcopal Jew faggots of nothing to me. you all made up fake histories for you and you are not family faggots. Phukk your MSG wetback stir fry from science IVF epoch center in Florida.

new language script that could be added to the last and there is that much more with a “lis deaux fleure LLX

There will be a music, I decided, it will be music language. It will be evil. That large that it can be expanded by whom ever. It really is more than one note, one key, one meaning now with technology. Wait until you see the music instrument I gave Elizabeth II with red lasers and sensors to trigger a response in the connection. I saw it at the automatic doors and chimes in a grocery store. It is applied music in the real world connected to a modern tuning box that sends out sound. The music law. Fuck off gay faggot dykes, SLUT cunt bitch cats (vaginas). It compounded the internet, the scripts for many languages, one two dollar Jefferson to slap her in the face old school, one neglected pen pal letter to the Buddha post dated for to be Jeffersonian-esque. How rude.

This Matrix makes it easier try it. I would think accents too. Is that evil for nothing or what?

I highlighted a section copied and pasted it. I would think this as music could replace some of the notes. When looking at it , the accents, even a string of “x’ makes the high “x’ and lox “x” ov. a new known piece. Or maybe you see something different. Imagine assigning words then accents to make music so you could write words and know it was music. Strange and the tone would still be fuck you. I can think outside of your box. It is my song and heart. I don’t have to bend over for a a-f scale ov. torture I can make my own music without faggot women things telling me what is true for me. Fuck you fag community. You will never be equal like women. you have special victim rights. You don’t even have the rights. you gave them to me in the Minnesota human Rights Act. Fuck you genetic idiots ov. women.

You can really build the alphabet quickly even with arrows (sea above). ooops I wrote sea above as below. I learned this in Elizabeth II beauty school, Mother Teresa and I were there, apparently. It is just a matter ov. the words and alphabet now.

You could make entire pages ov. words quickly and then know the program is out there. Doing stuff the old fashion way like you did to me works. I love all the things on my Internet and Intranet, your computers that mean nothing to me. I am glad Thich Nich Hahn was you hero. You should be like the thing it became, RuPaul too. With your Prince Charles ending and beginning. Oprah was in the club too, and Ellen. Just evil.

So reverse the accents and decide what words in music make sense of what you are saying then apply the notes, scales, to the words. The words are not and scale are they not? It depends on the association of meaning to music. Make it with permission. Ask me. Cite appropriately to my degree levels. In a few days you really can get stuck in it. I am already thinking of more “EVIL” in an “evil world.” Think though that it is an old legend to make instrument, music, language, applied research, kittens, in the filth of the mortal mundane world. As pay it forward for you raping my family out of that tree and claiming to destroy VHI. I gave Elizabeth II one two dollar bill once and a stamp of Guillermo. To say I love you that much Queen. Go Vatican crown worn by Lourde Satan. Wink! Wink! Wink!

If you think music and find the connecting thing that fills the dead spaces, as a symbol or use bdgmp or a combination outside the lines you may see the potential of doing nothing to women. Think that music is a replacement tool. simply make up new keys and instruments like the red laser instrument that was given to Elizabeth II for to say “phu-man-chu ” on that. She would know herself and instruments are difficult to make in the applied grocery story meaning. Touchee. The newest instrument and not a sight of the thing on the market, private plays for Camus I suppose.

As far as where the accents go on the letters is really determined by the sounds of first ordering and then by a set of principles that you lay out in the design. The oo with a line over it can indicate that the sound is stressed or a meaning for speech. There is no speech in written language. Phonation is not reading. Porn is not lude pictures unless women are lude tarot reminders of doing anything for dykes. “Fuck you for being offended, bitch.” You bull dykes and queer fags should appreciate your lack of rights. You were ordered to be dykes, strait. I told nature to make you strait, so you would be dykes like you told me.

You can see why there may be that many characters without cursed meanings. It is forbidden to curse language unless you have permission on your own work. I did. So you could not touch it under penalty of rape and torture. Like the afterlife. Too bad. Who’s life is it?

Musical instruments can be associated with Camilla. I guess if you count privilege of name and station like Prince, without a working Job or profession ov. men? Well you see why you are not important to yourselves. Too much esteem from rapists and you.

The tools are there and one day it may be a replacement for music and then wait to be destroyed like the rest of the standards. It is law. Have fun. You can add accents of musical meaning over the second house too or not. The other letters without accent are the same. Crazy? so just BDGHMNRPQSTVXY is it small case as well. Count how many different things of music, The Devil’s work, you can time in step with the Mistress of the Duffer.

You got nothing dykes. Fake phones, languages, histories, mandalas, fake everything like I warned you for being fake people. You were all rapists. I love them too since they cry rape all the time. Fuck off. You deserve(d) it. You are pity in the city.

So different meanings apply and you could add accents until the end of accents.. You really know thousands of letters existed in some languages once. Just evil to learn. Worth it? They really did it anyways. Duty or honour or order. They did what they did.

Fun is not fucking with me. I can banish you to a rat if I want. Your next life could be human rat. With your mind intact. Be ov. care it was Holi day every day and you picked rape.

you can add to it and change the accents around. It gets to be a real evil thing. Some languages have 150,000 or more characters. like when I asked for 150, 000 planets for VHI to live on and come back to God to see what Jews or Relic were doing. I stayed with the new life here. I am the Sodomite NUN of all Sodomites, planets. my order was the PLANETS. I gave Lynn the actors. paid mourners as always, she was Christ. I ordered you cunts to God. You bitches are not going any fucking where. thanks for joining me. get to fucking work.

Change the “i to o”, and add whatever combination. think root or stems. It can change just by accent. Yuck and ouch. Right? looks Castillian? You will never know what men of Venus really could do. Think Britton or another people a thank the Gods for them. You filth were the products of those raped men. You faggot dyke cunts. You scientific genetic retards can fuck off Asian.

You can see why O with an accent could be Oxtyl… and Ext….for a purpose of what is designed. The law varies and you still need permission like tarot. They think Steam Punk Tarot (brand, who the fuck cares, they are playing cards), well it is Witchcraft to dykes. Appartly teaching dykes and vaginas is witchcraft too. Good.

You can read the tea leaves, stool and feces, of Dalai Lama all you want. He is not here and was none of your fucking business bitches anyways. i agreed with him. You should be exterminated for touching his family and mine.

By the way there are accents on the placement of the houses it orders sound and meaning also invisible things above the line. You filth women and pet rocks would not understand men’s work you were made from science fiction. Star Trekk is bout making real kittens in the womb with bizzare creatures like Lynn and Tara, Different species from mine. Men with uterus that works. Really not the same as gayz women. Fun I had you hags do it without you knowing. To be funny.

sŌlī chŌppŌī
svī dhŌvī
MghŌd MbhŌn MphŌn MdhŌr MŌtudŌrnŌgctbhŌr llŌvīpāthātī IXIcbhŌrdmhāngī

sri= (tree or dhrŌkmha) snake reading the table of the words of ancestors or reading their translated heart into a codex that was missed in translation and disguised to hide a truth about origins of one people. IVVRIIV epth ydkhali hŌl.

They often claim things are Satanic to raise an issue and in fact the raped uterus of Religion or Relic, was Lourdee Satan, a person once. It is easy to figure out why they are so desperate for things that do not have protection, like Religion. Often they use symbols to mean demonic things and they are all of the uterus which they hate and the vagina. I am found of noting that only possessed empty women and their Relic would ascribe meaning to what they are nothing.

Obsession? Yes. It can be that fun.


Telling stations of tense with XTP. So you see in the diagram the logic. X=past, P=present, T=nebula of the future. G= a past had had been of that nature. So if you conjugate verbs it is XTP, PTX, TPX, et al. It was a little difficult and it need not be. M=Condition so M+tense of XTP, It really can be more simple by just adding GCM to the order in any position as long as the first letter is the tense you are working in. Understand. Sets of all time as one learning meaning of memory. Complicated, No.

EPKA is just one thing to learn nested with four words or things. So it is grouped to destroy and make anew what was damaged by women touching language(s). Filth.

I said I would make secret languages just for you kittens born on this world. They try to steal what is free. The alphabet and thinking. I laugh at their nothingness. I do not even have to type or write a damn thing. Their laws prohibit stealing and forgery ov. work. They are losers. I set it up tat those bitches would break the law at even being Jews. Hebrew is against the law. Religion is illegal and so are their tampons, all the Gods they prayed too, like PAX REXʎS, Mohammed’s tampons “women’s real children” with Jesus, the vagina of Hebrew shame. Stirrup up women. House of shame. GDP. Fags.

EPKAI, meYou, yourItWe, our
PKAEYou, yourItWe, ourI, me
KAEPItWe, ourI, meYou, your
AEPKWe, ourI, meYou, yourIt

It is one group though not separate groups and must be learned as EPKA. See what moving the first letter to the end and a simple “dance” can mean to destroying language and building it again. Context little ones. Possessives are dealt with by another script so it doesn’t matter. See additional script for possessives. That easy. You cannot learn it separate since it destroys the grouping intent. See why it is four in one.

Paragraphs, critical essays on the writing laws, as law can be applied in professional writing so you know the law and are responsible for it always, ESQ. in the title (ESQ so you know you understand the law, or when it is applied to meeting the standard ov. the law. Is ov. better than of or o⨍? You don’t have permission to be here or even know why cunts.

IDV= possessive, plural, quandary (quandry) (bitches)
see why it is that easy in language and genetically engineered rejects of nature were not there until science made you frozen shit to be made and used sterile because of dykes desire to be faggot bitches (DKNY bitch) and use you as a tool for pity in the world. You do not even exist to me, because of you and I bound you to the Mothers, the men. Fuck off for letting women live at all. You idiots. My lovers fucking died for me. You are not in your world Jews of Religion. This is God. you faggot science pet rocks were born sterile and reincarnated for what all dykes are for, nothing bitches you are the grossest vaginas on the planets. You are genetic retarded because of women and I gave you cunts a choice. You touched Magic here bitches. Lynn, you are my, Christs, bloodline honey. Emily B and Amy Cowan are here. I had Linda walk as Eric, Christ was his image here to damn them in my afterlife.
I love you Lynn, your soul sisters in Rh Factors of Christ are watching. Linda and Tara. (I banished her to Venus, this is Rune (spelling aside)).

It can not be learned separate. it is too confusing like the thesaurus it can replace said “x” ov. what you looking to group. .I pick kitchen, herbs, drinks, food, furniture a lot since that is what they teach mainly in language classes. I could order entire internet scripts by lettering and order to say fuck you retards. I give it to Elizabeth II since it makes sense to et the work done quickly. As a safety measure the internet was faked when it was created. Cloned.

It is not set in stone. The idea is the orders of word placement and “x ov. x” is not. It would have been nice to have a team and all you wanted to do make fun. I never do. I will never care nor work in healing arts as long as tampons are touching people. You filthy faggot women, females, are not even allowed in Nature. I forbid it. Filth will never be what they promised. I am Christ Buddha GHIAI, The Goddess Kali and if I say get run over by a semi I mean it. The Devil is the real Christian God you faggots Jews and I said take all the things the Jews made from Heaven and drag us to a new Eden to torture you for your crimes. Keep pushing it bitches.

Not sorry about the language it is meant for those who are here illegally and keep trying to play God in my life. You cunts will know that I had Christ walk in you so when you killed them. It would be Christ Linda. You faggot bitches. I will bring them back to life until you fucking are hanged. I see vaginas of majority. You cunts claim victimhood. make them what victims are.

NSPIChest, heart, lungs, ribs (SPIN, PINS, INSP)
XBO-ern, ernly, -end (suffix endings or groups.) BOX, OXB
DIƆE1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups, 4 cups (see why?) IƆED 2 cups. same word grouping same meaning of grouped measures just a four letter swear word. It is for the children in the future. Not you faggot monkey fags with mankind (vagina) issues. You can understand why learning them as separate is not that productive in learning models.
PNAsex-, sec-, sat- (prefix things)
Good game to know isn’t it a lesson from the end ov. the beginning of your ending. Faggot women of choice.
You said anything and you can be raped for what you order for others or using people you faggot bitches are
not the QhaaYee Buddha nor Christ.
censorshipOSTI DAƆI ƆDI (see the split in the grouping? It is law I made it law for it.) It is to break down rote learning so you can see the entire thing sometimes. it is hard to live in the world that is applied if the mind gets ….for you to figure out. Again there is a few ways to do it with the law being you and the people that know would see if learned that it was done by the law of communication styles. And still know in “x.”
It is not as easy as you think in creating. You have to be in it and stick with it. It takes so nothingness. I loved doing it except you filth got that angry. I just walked away from you tampons and Jesus fags all the time. Jews=Jesus=Hebrew=Vagina. Fag out on HEH.
See above, or sea above.

What is the practical use ov. new languages and list building? That is up to you. I tend to create lists that are taught in language teaching. Things I do not write about in class assignments. It is the reason they are always built, for me. There are other ways to organize thinking though and I think those in the NOS would know. I write it for you and yet it can change to better serve say English, French, German, and Castillian was SDPO. So it takes 7, 6, 6, and 10 letters down to 4 or 1 word meaning. I stayed with four or five for that reason, since longer chains, for me, would be strange. I wanted to break the words apart in direct translation (see OSTI DAƆI ƆDI).

It teaches one thing. learning and sets of ordinal things or not. It is an arrangement of ideas and theories that are adjustable for need. Just not without permission. You can reference me. Like professionals that you are not. Educators and business you stand the challenge of the future. Biometrics will kill you scam artists and Banking. Get on board or fade the fuck away. I found false interest by the books works to just make up increases for savings made in expense, just because I said so. Made up. You see why my economics class was brilliant? You have no choice.

You can make more scripts and combinations. (see below) COPIED FROM ABOVE.

Again vowels are not really vowels and consonants are not consonants. It really is too about look and feel. It is easier to write when you are doing it. Keep going with it. It makes that many alphabets.

This language illustrates pairs and a way to include he, she, I, and you in one word just rearranged since you filthy things wanted some fiction of mammalian life. You can see where this is helpful in destroying language to make it better. I did not include all the underline things since you may experiment with it on your own. (for you little ones) You wanted to be human beings. look what you are HOMO. It was a people extinct before. Breeding them into the populace was a work of love and difficult for the children who found out what their origins were and why they all died of woman. Disease.

Fun work ov. the Buddha. You are that empty of belief. I told them to fill the atheist bitches up with belief or opening their Jew faggot mouths here. I am not your friend nor am I the enemy. Your faggot mouth is. There is going to be no more Buddhas ever. I warned you that I will take them as they know why. Fully aware of the exponential awareness of the…Figure it out.. No offense I outrank Elizabeth II in these matters.

Remember in language you have to account for numbers, time, calendars, I made the tarot my images of the languages, grammar, what is changeable, and what ways are there going to be for discussion. you do not have to agree with the teaching as it is not your world(s). It is my domain and I never even cared about the use of Christian letters. You can be turned off.

Indian mob was called by women and I love you for getting every woman raped and tortured for me. You are that filthy. You deserve it.

Look at to meditate it means to think. You things are my gift in that you need not know I cursed my grandma Ester to creation (HIV) for being Peter all the time so when she died she would destroy it. You obviously are not her. The mission was clear though. VHI…all of your fake things for money or moni. I made it moni, children born in the womb. You would not know if you had two or three sets of twins or triplets. You are so busy being you. Fake.

Likud means dykes from Hell, Georgia, Lourde Satan, The Buddha of APA (fuck you Jews.)

Block lettering and a teaching in Haiku once that dykes don’t know. I guess language is not their spirit since they are forbidden to teach it. You don’t have Jew rights to do the Buddha’s work, nor in healing cunts.

The more you fight speech the worse you will feel the sting of freedom cunts. You are here to be raped and make children. You affibulated (bi-manually evicted fetus) the uterus of people for money cunts. You are fair game for any fucking thing that gets you first. It is the law bitches. Run. You are on notice too faggot men. I warned you I can leave.

You will find things like pregnancy, creator, God, innocent other words women often use play St. Catherine or Camus. Saints are forbidden on the planet like Tau Uriellx. I guess sinners too on God (the planet.) I do not even really care about why you are what you were made to be by your choices. Uganda, India, and other places were known as Hell. In the skies above from rape. I guess want gets wanton, lustful, prideful things damned by their CHOICES. My choice was to stay. You are what is illegal about your special victim status. Victims of choices in this country and while you claim protection and offer none to me Jeffersonian law applies. I am under no obligation to care, not by law, not by design about things I have no knowledge of like your feelings. I warned you what would happen if I had your feelings.

The CCVCVC (I do not know the credit any more for the structure it was brilliant for Holocaust computer scripts) thing related to vowels an consonants. CCVCVC means Steven, yet it can mean many more things that follow the pattern. IP works too. So would DX, PX, SX, ZP and so on. Some magic right? Magic is the letters m, a, g, i, and c built in one string to mean one word. Who magical for the waste of time of creation women and their rocks. The filth actually took education and classes to spell and identify letters, syntax, grammar and what is protected for all: speech and writing. Cunt, phukk, fag, dyke, bitch, shut the fuck up HOR. C=V=C. end of loupe story like binary things. Bound to another.

they claim to follow Synod, Nazi, Gnostic, Christian, Law. I ordered the bitches out ov. Minnesota Territories and 100 miles away from me in a radius. I guess they decided to break the Law and be raped and tortured by TORT IRE law, as the library at Egypt is ov. men and men alone. You cunts are not men enough to handle it. You picked want. like Peter in their Bible, just tampons.

So be of care when making words and definitions. Some may pervert them to meet their needs or try to use your freedoms against you. It is the oldest gig in back surfing history. I salute the wetback in all of them. It is going to be. I never cared for one of the filthy Relic religions I wanted them destroyed, even Religion aka Atheism. Just filth to use you for to be raped and tortured for breaking the law. Keep claiming Relic as a protection. It is against the law. I had them make every thing you made into a religion to damn you for “special victims clubs.” It wouldn’t matter you were damned as Jews that long ago by that many men and others that could damn you for being in, not your life nor work.

I just wrote this one again .It has many variations. It is the truth about something old. or does it? It is not cursed and yes you can make it about what all language is about. Sexual things. making words and dungeons for you to live by or in. isn’t that what asexual people and queer trannie dykes cannot do. Jew atheists either. You are on Christ and they knew Christ was blood in the uterus. I made the second or third Christ women and kittens. Fuck off dyke Jews. It is not you nor can you tampons be Christ., me. I fucking love you all.

There are so many possible things you can do. I know it is not what everyone wants. Those tampons want to claim it and make moni off it. they get tortured. Believe it for violating their own laws and mine. Synod law is directed by me and me alone. If I tell you to fall down a flight of stairs get a traumatic head injury and be rushed to surgery, wake up intubated to find a tumor was removed then get run over by a truck I fucking mean it. I do elf dances on the streets for some people, float a boat in the river. I guess no one lies rapists better than rapists. Thinking about those that wanted to be the Music of heaven, Death. fuck you peter. You can be raped women and tortured for thinking you could ever be Ester. I cursed her to VHI, creation, so when she died she destroyed it. It is like the Family Guy episode when peter becomes Death. i am on a fucking break bitches. Faggot rat dog tamponwhores.

There are more. I head Elizabeth II the evil one made an Animal language once or knew of it’s whereabouts. Should ask her. yoga for the mind. I demand she release the other books and languages for my University of “x.”

The truth about the “N” word niggar, nikkar (a spelling from ….), nabu, kabul et cetra was that. It was spelled that they referring to corpses and symbols once. It is a Christian word and thing. Old “French-esque” was written in it to mean a thing. Also they made images that. it really was adopted by some cultures as a slur against Christians. It meant vagina. Dead planets. Sorry you wanted to be that. So Christian. I still know ATU Uriel LLX was called that. I can make the old symbols still in French from Ahmerikka (old Nepal, the original America.) They were that mean and when I tell you who did it, it was you. MLK was a preacher once in South Africa for real and another meaning like Harvey MLK Booth Anderson (that Mayor once, not your people, for real) in San Francisco? Why would you be mad for me telling the truth? Does it hurt? I was never the enemy. I warned you what they were doing and not to spy or be used by Relic. They planned to use you to be raped and tortured for breaking the law and they too broke the law.

I will remind the hags at the library that language and “swear words” are protected. You filth offer the tools to your own demise. I appreciate the women’s work that is nothing since you filth destroyed all the great work in history by complaining and back surfing to your “rape song.” You disgust even the anti-freedom movement. I wanted you to beg for no mercy in the world. Meaning no rape, as Rape was God once. You filth will learn the meaning of Mercy one day. You should and ought not speak things you are incompetent on. you may get tortured for doing it. Ignorant mule.

As for my doctorate degrees. So what. You really never touched my work it was reviewed and graded by Elizabeth II and world leaders. I never needed a PhD, vagina degree, I already knew what my lovers were. None of your business. It is the truth that your pride in you women is your best HPV II. How was HPV III? I made the tampons hemp too for you since it is feces. you love the filth. I will add CHEMO to them or bleach to teach Pyka a lesson. I told you women I put the holy catholic church meaning in tampons so you would know what you never said Jesus. I hated you using children that much HOR. Big difference between HOR and whore (we good whores in the absence of Terra are…)

I did it to be mean to Death. Since you did not know it is your fault women and Relic. I made them Magic so you would destroy them and free a curse. I knew that you would kill them to gain magical powers. Aren’t i clever to ask nature (Christ) be them. BE is my time not yours women of Relic. I am their whole magical family and you killed them here to release Magic. You bitches, hags of hell, are all pregnant and I loved that dream that you, Chrissy, would never touch me nor those born like me (Human Animals with Sentience, not of Religion). Fuck you. Luther was a duck. There are no heirs of Luther. I should know I set you filth up to think you could be a thing. Should not spy.

Pope Benedict was Lourde (Lourdee) Satan, and Benedictine CVM was not what you filthy birds think they carried what they got in the uterus. Ought not know Georgia as the Buddha, Lourde Satan. Likud herself was the Buddha of APA, Lourde Satan. Hezbullha. I am their entire Magic family here. Isn’t that why you should not be near Magic? Or touch the Goddess. I carry God to you cunts. Not going to ever happen bitches. You have no purpose in life.

I already knew Svea and Mia were Magic here. I made a video of how to make chin maille for kids it is more complicated by hand. It is with jump rings. the store close mysteriously after “x ov. x” Aren’t tampons praying to themselves nice? They are not Christ that is for sure. Or even Christians. Heaven and Hell are Christian places.

The truth is important and words are made to illustrate the point that freedom costs. I never even cared about pigment or a damn thing about equality. i believed in all speech even what i was offended by. it is sacred to me. Destroy your rights? So what. You are paying for it not me. I ordered it. “The power of Christ compels you.” Quote me on that. “Make the multitudes.” Quote me I said it. Legion. Les Bien is not lesbian. It is Lezion, legion, because of ss=B=IBZA=geta gaza to make you bitches remember the past.

Swear words only hurt victims. they mean nothing since women were none of the things. Just in their victim imagination. On phukken purpose.

Aren’t you thoughtful to ban the Internet and Intranet so women and things cannot use it. I had it faked like you women. is not6 in charge cunt fuck bitch dog rat boy.

Obvious there are things that can be done about freedom fighters that fight freedom. You will cry when you find out. It ends in tears (your tears in Heaven, or nothing of the Uterus. You are Jews, atheists for moni, suffer the life of fags that was made for you bitches.).

You can always take screen shots of your work and save them as pictures so you have them in case something goes wrong. With them.

I hold advanced degrees in language, nursing informatics and applied research that actually was useful to the people and on biofeed-back. So what with the vagina tampon warriors and their pet rocks involved. I could have burned each one of you for being on God. Your atheist God is nothing.

By the way Ester and Uriellx Tau (Chris Lindgren) swore by the new holy catholic (small c, universal) church. Dumb Jews neve understood to stay out of Synod Business. I heard prince Philip, Jew, read it and failed to understand. I am that smart to get women things to be damned by not knowing numbers are cursed for Jews, as Holocaust symbols. Fucking Dykes. The book was taken into evidence with Elizabeth II. It was validated by Italy. (laughter and applause rose from the cities of the dead.)

It is important that art and words be offensive. you made words Hate speech and they meant a different thing. You were then noted not to be Christians so what is there to do. Christian is not a Religion it is teaching of general subjects in school and teachings of path. Wow. I am not even offended until you are.

So you see children you can make movies with still images like the old moving picture books. There is so much that is fun without the hurtful things damning you to exams for nothing. I said privacy of the body for you all and they use you for money in clinics.

I never cared about your false education system and grading to elate filth. It is evident in your face bu. I actually protected what was threatened at it’s inception. You have no degrees women for violating your contracts and unions. I ordered it myself. You things destroyed my written work on the streets and sold what is not yours. For the same filth. I do not even blame you I can write backwards and upside if I want in Haiku. you have used my work for promotion of some agenda of woman that I do not agree with and petitioned to have my children killed. Thanks for wanting to be them: you.

There are people that can make fabric by just random things on “x” tool for whatever purpose. See what is all at stake for the dyke faggot party of some Peter fake everything. This is not a place for Jews of Religion to be funding killing fetuses in the uterus. Those faggots Religion. See the feline. Tuffer died because he was with me. i had him stuffed in the Jew asshole that touched the Tartuffen. You kill it bitches you eat it. Thanks for obeying the law. they made pills from tampons for you bitches. I made Hemp the law so you would wear fetuses and feces women. I made tampons with the holy catholic church imprinted on them for the bitch of God. Back off cows. More is coming. Have you heard of Lady Love? Piles of piles of fun until you beg for laser tag therapy and no.

Bursting bubbles little fictional faggots. You were all rapists and tampon warriors. There was no chance IVF children before would ever get pregnant. They were made sterile. You have no right to be here bitches. retards without a cause. I am not telling you again. Keep touching the uterus bitch and I will stuff fetuses in your mouth when you are awake and message your fucking throat. You will do it. You will fucking obey and when biometrics come. Fuck you dykes. Beg on the bitches you love for pregnancy. Tuffer the great Tartuffen in kitty cat heaven (Bailey was a kin to basset, the uterus. I have waited that long to find Tuffer, and he served the mission well.) did not have to be killed for knowing the Buddha. they killed Bailey, the feline. I had him stuffed in their Jew buttholes for touching Christ, The Buddha’s spirit, cursed and damned things by Religion, just faggot women. Tartuffens (there is no real spelling I wrote the name in Music once, as the four pillars, so long ago just for him) were magical creatures that could be any thing and they were sent on their mission as well. Tuffer has called through all space and time to me since I was a child. He must have been cursed and trapped. Black cats (felines, Talix, Palix, Nalix, Calix, …) are not black. Their hair is reddish and they were the Aryan Nation (look at their skin under their fur, pure as the driven snow). God’s people in nature. Mary’s eyes. Raven had they too once. Raven was killed too as a companion of Christ the Buddha, in Rh (-+) Factors that will never be again. Cat a slang in rapists community for raped vaginas. Like dogs for raped penises. Yuck. You Jew cunts will know biometrics one day. You filth teach Hebrew to get them (kids) raped and other cuneiform languages that is for the Buddha. You are not God and Nature. I am watching and listening in spirit. You know I can cunts.

Felines were always sacred in Buddhist temples. Real to the Buddha and fair to spay and neuter them. Nature is harsh sometimes on non-domestic things. You are not Nature (Christ). I am and the Buddha, GHIAI Beleov. You cannot even spell it either, the best I can do is create aa torture planet to keep Peter, all of them in consciousness, damning their flesh in world to world for eternity HEH.

Source code and all programming on computers will stop. I decided as the Synod all cloned phones, apps, and programs are suspect to review and destruction. You broke Patent law, general Patent. Thanks you whores.

Why seven directions? Think too that it is in movement of stasis, the planet. It spins so fast that we are conditioned to the stasis of movement in it. Unless off axis. You would see it better in the by looking at a sphere and placing points north, south, east, west, and the missing three. So what are you thinking? See what focusing thinking can change in the futures. They won’t be there so they want to rune it like they runed their own life. And they will be there just different people. I know. That energy of theirs will be just a mention n history. Why give them any attention? They live to make victims and make you break the law just to blame me. I love that because it is them that are tortured for breaking the law.

You gender fags can smile pretty for the cameras like the tampons you are. I were made in Tampons image on purpose. Like hags of hell just genetic trash of women and that is why you are so broken. I told transsexual post op things what to do to have a real sex change. it was too late they could have slept with a toilet women and become a female and de trying except you IVF depo provera sterilized yourselves. Too funny just I bound you filth to men., real Mothers. What good is the DSM H without the four H club? I love you women and care. It is your spirit. You empty pathetic ditch digging nisserian beggars. I made the symbols for it. Witchcraft to fags. It was uterus charms for hags of hell. Isn’t love (rape) fun?

You called this witchcraft with Hebrew and woman Numerals. Women are witchcraft and illegal. It was Religion (Relic’s) story coming to America. You are not allowed her under penalty of rape and torture. Rape means nothing to Hebrew people. Eric was a rapist. Ask Tau Uriellx HEH. the one I used and not for money or questions that were known.
As for Lynn. I took her Magickjal Tarot deck from her since I was afraid the dimwit Christ would use it. I loved her that much. There were no dark pigmented people in Willmar at the time. I guess you know you are a lie. That the Martina group. Hebrew is in it too, witchcraft to Tau Uriel LLX.
is that just fun or what? Like Bridge for you to know it is your question. Where are they now? I did it for free with no questions since I knew the answer already. I wasn’t their when they found what we made together in the truth of union. Not even what you think either. I have always accepted Tarot as a tool of self discovery. Your hymnal prayer witches knew what Jesus said. I told them. Spell it bitches. I told them to inspect you in the usual position STIRRUPS for signs of speech. Since you get attention for your normal vaginal culture that way.

My blog can be followed below. I just found out the Library women things tried to ban from Google, my company. I think you know if you obstruct freedom you forfeit your company. Right McDonalds corp.? I would remind you that you are not in your afterlife Jews of Religion. They can suck a duck. Also forgive the grammar I will correct it later. The things have my other books. I took the Buk (world).

Smoking was never bad for you it was the milk and milk products. mammals should be weaned from the tit. I guess you know men are clean in nature without nagging fag hags always trying to save themselves. They make men sick by appointment to save their tampon life and I love it for you wetback chixie dix. Fuck off. You have uteruses and INRI CHE with you. French is difficult to master and it is English, the national language bitches. Not gook swak box Nam Viet. you were born strait or gay too bad. All women to those bitches. grow the fuck up it was all Heterosexual healing except for rape. You faggots have no choice.

Relic (Religion, and it is fake) killed my whole magic family here again for nothing. I told Dalai Lama once that you cannot get magic or spirits from people you don’t believe in. I forbid it. It is too smart for you and leaves you desperate and a failure. You can never heal a damn thing women. You are forbidden to work with children or in health care by order ov. the Synod and The Goddess. I fucking hate tampons that much and filth ov. women. You are my gift. Your rape and torture women will be eternal.

Exposed to the world for what you are: A total filthy waste ov. life. I warned you trying to steal souls would be tampons and evicting the spirit from the uterus. You are still the grossest things in creation women. You are the fakest things as well. You can not have anything.

That is Mia and me at Tara and I’s house. Svea has my Grandma Dorothy’s old camera. See my chicken pox scar. You are the best faggots in creation. You let lose Magic. I have no regrets. Who wants people’s children killed in Heaven? You really did me a favor they did not even know what I had did. You filthy dykes. I thee adore.

I asked Nature (Christ and Magic) to be them. I loved them that much. I know you are forbidden to touch magic. Kill any ov. those cunts that touch children. The Heart ov. the Buddha, Mind ov. Magic, and Body of Christ. My heart was the uterus given to you cunts to have you raped and useful. Die bitches. I am in the service ov. the old country, untouched my mankind, the uterus bitches.

Anyone that say svea, Mia, and Tara die here will be tortured. You released magic in Hell, in my cities ov. The Dead. This is no place for “The Living”, women. I have waited a life time for you to bring me to Christ. I told Lynn they would bring me, The Devil (Steven Philip Lindquist) home and I would rule over a new world. Georgia APA is here as well. You are nothing as the father and son women. I said for the father nothing, a quote from Dune. It means for women. Fuck off. I ordered them turned off. You filthy cunts. Everything women things touched will be erased from the Internet. Your histories, jobs, et al.

I wanted their hands and feet burned so they could learn what it was like in Eurasia once. You filthy Asian dogs. You are the faggots you made your self to be by your beliefs. Nothing that you do even matters like the rest ov. women. Thanks for knowing what Asians know about your culture. You are filth.

I updated my Ghetto look, It means Buddha, Bhudda, The Goddess that carries God. Ask Lynn. I won’t make another covenant with Israel ever and it is only by my tru life that it lives. Fuck off Nancy. See children what is possible if you practice in good light? I wrote that on purpose since you wanted to be illusions, Chrissy, the darkness. Those people ov. Relic, Religion, don’t exist to me. Fuck you tampons. Stick them in your shame, your own vaginas, Jesus fags. i never cared what names you called me. I told you if you go after my children, kittens, I would destroy your worlds. It is already done cunts. That is why you are here bitches. .I do not have women, military, religion on Synod property. Fuck off. You were/are ordered to leave. Florida is the only safe place for you.

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my email is: I never get anything I never cared and always knew. I got a secret.

except cunts of Hell screen my emails and phone calls. Those Lutheran Jew Synod fags are going to learn what the filth’s body is for. Nothing you will never know Lourde Satan was Jerusalem (Peru, Lima) fuck you bitches. You touch me and those precious eyes may die again, Laura Mars’s eyes are your ovaries cunts. I have “The National” with me. You will know humor cunts of Atheism like before.